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Favorite Characters
Characters that Rock my Socks
1. Wufei Chang

Pilots my Favorite Mech's Shanlong, Altron, and Nataku

2. Koshirou Chikuma

My all time favorite Basilisk Character

3. Hotarubi

She is one of the coolest ninja's in Basilisk

4. Akeginu

Love this chick, she's a B.A. Ninja

5. Sokka

He may be the comic relief but inside beats the heart of a warrior.

6. Katara

She Kick ass.

7. Aang

Aang is really cool

8. Zuko

Called it from Episode1 that he would teach Aang Firebending and I was right. He's one of my absolute favorite characters

9. Iroh

The ultimate in father figures. Mako did good with his voice too.

10. Appa

Favorite moment....Appa the Samurai

11. Momo

The best part of the show

12. Ninja Ninja

Ninja Ninja is B.A.

13. XXXG-01S Shenlong Gundam

Favorite Gundam ever

14. Broly
15. Nyu
16. Shino Aburame
17. Brook

he's a skeleton with a fro......whats not to like

18. Jin
19. L Lawliet
20. Misa Amane

Hot and crazy in a good way

21. Sado Yasutora
22. Temari
23. Seras Victoria
24. Megatron

Best Villain Ever

25. Optimus Prime

Childhood hero

26. Soundwave

Favorite Decepticon

27. Hakufu Sonsaku

she's dumb but strong

28. Gohan

I like young Gohan older Gohan is stupid

29. Piccolo
30. Kenshin Himura
31. Mugen

He's unorthodox and I love it

32. Fuu Kasumi

she doesn't have huge boobs and is still hot

33. Makoto Shishio

He can control fire that ever better

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