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Favorite Characters

Just a list of my favorite characters from what few animes I've seen. More will likely add to the lists as the series I'm watching continue. Kind of in order.

1. Roy Mustang

What an awesome character. Behind the cold fa├žade, he's got quite the personality. Hilarious at times, and undeniably badass.

2. Riza Hawkeye

And it's hard to imagine Roy without Hawkeye around. She's an awesome character in her own right.

3. Edward Elric

The Fullmetal Alchemist himself also makes the list. Roy and Hawkeye are my favorites, but Ed isn't far behind. Just remember to never call him short. He'll kick your ass.

4. Vegeta

I love this freak. He's hilarious, first as a minor villain and especially later as a hero. He's extremely arrogant, but you can't really blame him. He's pretty ridiculously powerful and usually kicks whoever's arse that dares to call him on his arrogance. Definitely my favorite DBZ character.

5. Lan Fan

Cute and badass ninja girl... With an awesome robot arm!? Yep. I'm sold.

6. Alphonse Elric

At first, I just thought it was hilarious to hear the little kid's voice come out of the giant suit of armor. Later on, the character really grew on me.

7. Frieza

Best DBZ villain, hands down, in my opinion. Looks like a fragile little porcelain doll, but kicks major buttocks in a fight. He's hilarious, and yet so ruthless that you've got to take him seriously as a villain. One of my favorites for not only being such a memorable and effective villain (with him probably actually having the most influence on DBZ of all the villains), but also for being such an endearing little crap weasel. His saga was definitely the most interesting, in my opinion.

8. Ling Yao

What an awesome character. Introduced as seeming comic relief and evolves into one of the most BA characters in the cast.

9. Miroku

Miroku is definitely my favorite from Inuyasha. How can you not love this good-hearted perv of a monk?

10. Alex Louis Armstrong

Armstrong is the perfectly crafted joke character that's (not so) secretly actually a total badass. He's hilarious and awesome at the same time.

11. Kikuchiyo

Fantastic as both comic relief and as an awesome character. I love this guy's design and personality, he brings a lot to the show.

12. Goku

Like an awkward, kind, and guileless kid trapped in the body of a killing machine. Goku's great.

13. Greed

Despite being the physical embodiment of human greed, he's a pretty cool guy.

14. Katsushiro Okamoto

The compassionate young samurai, it's kind of hard not to like him. A bit naive, but he selflessly offers his aid to the villagers without thought of reward or his own life.

15. Grumman

Look at this man's mustache. LOOK at this man's mustache. Sorry, I felt that had to be repeated. Anyways, he's another of my favorites from Fullmetal Alchemist. He's just plain awesome.

16. Sango
17. Tien Shinhan

It was disappointing to see Tien and the other Earth fighters take such minor roles later in the series, where only Saiyans could really do anything. :/ It was awesome to see him hold off Cell and save everyone though.

18. Piccolo

Always one of my favorites.

19. Lizbell

An intriguing character that brought a lot of life to the show in my opinion. Desperate to bring hope to the world and to herself, and driven a touch insane in her quest. I do hope she makes a return appearance.

20. Kambei Shimada

A bit cold at times, but he's a cool guy regardless. And quite the badass as well.

21. Yamcha
22. Krillin
23. Jeice

Gotta love the Ginyu Force. Or hate them, there's probably no in-between. I happen to be on the former side of the fence, and Jeice and Burter are my favorites of the absurdly over-the-top (yes, even by DBZ standards) Ginyu Force.

24. Burter

Read above.

25. Heinkel
26. Gohan
27. Videl

Awesome chick.

28. Kirara Mikumari
29. Motoko Kusanagi

Pretty awesome leading lady.

30. Cui

Epic, mustachioed alien. I loved this guy.

31. Shenron

Shenron pretty much rules.

32. Future Trunks

When he first came out, he annoyed me for effortlessly killing Frieza. It seemed like it downplayed everything that had come before it to an extreme degree. King Vegeta could supposedly destroy planets with a wave of his hand, and Frieza killed him with one punch. There's just no way Trunks could be THAT much better. It's pretty much impossible, lol. But I grew to like the character later on.

33. Nappa

He's basically just a big jerk. Not sure why he's cool. But he is.

34. Bulma
35. Nail

BA enough to stand up to Frieza, knowing he'd be killed, to buy time for his people.

36. Karako Koshio
37. Nagi Kengamine
38. Minatsuki Takami
39. Android 16
40. Ichigo Kurosaki

I've only seen a little of Bleach, but Ichigo seems like a cool leading character.

41. Master Roshi

Hilarious, if pervy, old man.

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