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The Good

Characters: Yeah, the character's are awesome. This series is pretty cool as it tends to focus on them and their relationships with eachother, rather than OMGAWESOMEFIGHTSCENEs. It explores just about every kind of relationship; from Maka with her absent mother and father, Medusa's abusive relationship with her daughter Crona, Black Star and Tsubaki's odd friendship, and Tsubaki and her older brother. There's a ton more that I can't be bothered to write about.
Art Style: Ho-lee shit do I love the art style. Everything from the character designs to the look of the godamn moon is incredibly appealing to me, though this is obviously a matter of taste. The bright, colourful, almost Burton-esque art is fascinating to me.
Maka's Voice Actor: Goddamn, this girl knows how to scream. I couldn't help but tense up at her screams of "MEDUSAAAAA" or "SOLUUUUUU"

Black Star: Nuff said.

The Bad

Plot Holes: Erm, Medusa frees Asura, then has nothing to do with him? So, what was the point of doing that then? Just to spread his insanity? Why? She's just gonna let Arachne reap the benefits of her work? Huh? But that's really the only negative thing I have to say about the series.
Death is Meaningless: So, both Crona and Death get killed... then are back up in a few scenes? Pretty much removes any sense of danger for our characters. I was a big, HUGE Crona fan, but I felt the story and her growth would have been better had she died.

Verdict : 7/10

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