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General Discussion » Female perspective on fan service

Hmm... my wife just rolls her eyes when I watch Anime or read Manga in general so her opinion on fan service can't be gleamed from there, but in general TV she is quite open when she mentions some guy is "Eye Candy."  Hawaii Five-O and Supernatural are top on that list of shows with Eye Candy that she started watching just for the guys.  (She keeps with Supernatural for more than that now)  
So I think part of Fanservice is just that, a service to get fans to check a show out.  Yeah I'm an old married man with a child so Fan Service isn't that big a deal to me anymore, but I will admit when I first saw Kei and Yuri of the Dirty Pair it made me pick up that VHS tape.  (Yes, I'm old.)  
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General Discussion » Ken Akamatsu Starts Free Manga Download Site

Hmm... I wonder if this has been pointed out to the Crunchyroll people?  I remember them having a Manga section a while back that was taken down.  Now with Akamatsu-san doing this perhaps an english mirror could be created there? 
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General Discussion » What Show Should Tom Watch & Learn From Next?

I totally voted for Beck since I liked it and it's messed up in a lot of ways. :)  
Though I would suggest PLANETES to everyone.  I suggest that for after Trigun. (Since that seems to be a winner. :\)  
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RPG » RPG Ideas Thread

Hmm... Okay so I guess this is where this goes.  :)  
I am an old school GM.  I've run dozens of games both online and off.  Play By Email, Play by Post, Play by Chat, In Person, even a bit of LARP.  (back in College. ;) )  So while I know what I'm up to every forum is different and every community is different.  So I come to you guys to see if you're interested in a new game.   
Since this IS Anime Vine I figure I'll suggest my most "Anime Esque" worlds.  All games would use the BESM 2nd edition rules.  Though since those rules are already Anime based and very loose I don't think they'll impact your enjoyment overly much.  (Hell comedic violence is a regular thing in my games and just like in Anime causes no real harm.)  Also I'd want to use an online dice-roller to have the few dice rolls required emailed to me to prevent any appearance of cheating. (Since you guys wouldn't do that!)   
So with those caveats out of the way here are my gaming worlds for you to choose from (BTW Yes, if there's interest I can run multiple):  
1.  The Merge 
This world is set-up on the premise of the Modern world being violently merged with a swords and sorcery world like Slayers.  In fact the first few runs I had of this game it literally was the Slayers universe slammed into ours so my spell casters were casting Dragon Slaves and Fireballs like they were party favors.  That kind of comedic over the top magic is okay, so is a darker more gritty feel depending on what the players would prefer.   
There are three time periods to choose from in the Merge setting:  
a.  The Ten Years of Chaos 
The merge violently tears apart the veil between two very different universes causing chaos and destruction on a global scale unheard of outside of the wars between gods!  For those poor souls on these two worlds it is a living nightmare to find a way to survive.  The very landscape itself can change from one minute to the next.  Entire continents are destroyed, and cities are torn asunder.   Merely getting from one's house to work could be a life and death adventure!  
Games set in this time frame start mere moments before The Merge.  Players will live first hand the horror that is the Merge.  This is a good setting for those who enjoy disaster films and horror survival stories.  There is also a very real chance to write your character into the budding history of this setting as I have run ZERO games in this time frame.  Yes, I am writing this system up into an actual product (I run Nebulous Creations on Drive Thru RPG
 and RPG NOW) so if you wanted you could actually affect this game setting.  (Payment would be negotiated of course.)  
b.  The 100 Years of Adventure 
This is the "Default" setting of the Merge.  The ten years of Chaos have died down and the children of Chaos have disapeared from the world.  The grand destruction and chaotic energy of the Merge have died away to be replaced by the age of adventure!  Kingdoms have risen but many more lie in ruins.  Brave adventurers explore the ruins of the past for glory and riches.  Others vie for power in the grand halls or carve out new places for people to settle.  It is an age of expansion and exploration.  New discoveries and inventions occur with a regular basis as the modern world adjusts to the reality of Magic.   
Games set in this time frame are very Steam Punky and fit the Slayers model well.  These games don't have to be your standard treasure hunts or deamon slay, they are also tales of pioneers, soldiers at war, and even police and captains of industry!  Many a tale has been told in this setting, care to add yours?  
c.  The Shadow Falls 
After 100 years of relative peace, the shadows of Choas once again fall upon the world.  Every kind of future vision fails as the future becomes shrowded in these chaotic times.  Civilization has returned to the world, with grand advancements providing some truly wonderful advents that rival anything the two worlds had created on their own.  Will chaos toss this all to the ground in an effort to start again?  Where do the Children of Chaos fit into all of this as rumors of their return spread far and wide.  Can anyone stop the end from coming, or is it really an end?   
Games set in this time frame vary wildly and don't even have to revolve around the grander scope of the time period.  The Modern world has returned with a vengance this time powered by magic along with technology.  Space travel is a reality.  Instant communication a regular thing once again.  Many plagues and diseases that once killed millions have all but been destroyed.  On the surface this futuristic world is a utopia to play in, but the reality never lives up to the hype.  Players in these games can look forward to seeing the cracks in the Facade of a world praised for its perfection.  Everything from crime dramas to space odyssees can occur in this crazy world, including your mecha wishes.  Under it all there is a ticking clock that few will know about, adding a ting of the Illuminati to the whole world.    
2.  Centerpoint Station 
On old earth it was said all roads lead to Rome.  Well in reality all travel leads to Centerpoint Station.  The spacestation at the center of the Multi-verse.  The size of two solar systems and rumored to be powered by a single potatoe battery, Centerpoint station is a Wacky, dangerous, amazing location at the crossroads of exsistance.  You'll see things from every single universe ever imagine all crossing paths on this wacky playground/battlefield.   
This is my least used setting mainly because it's so odd and uncontrolable.  Not that I mind. :)  
3.   Gozer's University 
"In the Multiverse the premere center for learning and enlightment is Illuminati University.  Everyone else goes to Gozer's University."  - The Chairman, IOU.  
"IOU Sucks."  -Gozer the Carpathian, Chairman GU.  
The multiverse is host to a myriad of different kinds of beings from all kinds of places.  Eventually many of them find a way to move out of their limited four-dimensional homes and into the multi-verse itself.  Those that don't destroy themselves instantly eventually realize they need a hand.  Be it on how to control the natives or run a cult, to simply running a multi-dimensional coffee shop.  (Where do you think Starbucks came from?)   This inevitably leads these beings to seek out a home of higher learning.  And when it comes to institutions of higher learning in the Multiverse you really only have two choices, IOU and GU.   
As I am the owner and Chairman of GU guess which one your characters are heading to?  :)  
Games set at GU are very much a "College Anime" style game.  Compelte with Alien Classmates, crazy teachers, giant explosions, and other randomness that can only occur at a barely controled multiverse setting.  See you in class!  

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RPG » Interested in Roleplaying? We want you !

Cool thanks.  That's what I was hoping to find.  :)  
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Off-Topic » Anime Vice, or The Whiskey That Gets No Respect

I'd suggest making them 1 hour segments.  30 minutes is tight and even a regular podcast rolls past the 1 hour mark easily enough.  (Let alone GB's 2 hours!)   
Seriously though I think this will be solved when we start getting some "onscreen talent" up there.  AV will represent!  
Hmm... just a random thought I'm tossing out there.  But is there a way we could like, do "User Videos" with our own reviews and edits and such?  I'm not saying hosting the video on the site directly (though you could do a monthly submission contest or something) but maybe a Youtube channel or some such?  That way even if we end up losing our staff talent or what not like we have recently we'd still have those "community faces" to be known for. 
Just tossing that out there.  I mean we coudl do it without AV sanction but I'd kinda like AV acknowledgement or the like. ;)  
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RPG » Interested in Roleplaying? We want you !

Hmm... depends on the game.  In the Merge Universe alone (I have several universes I can run) I have 3 major time periods to play in.  Then there's the style of game desired.  The short answer would be "As many as want to play seriously."  The numeretical answer would probably 4 minimum -  7 Max.
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RPG » Interested in Roleplaying? We want you !

Oh I agree there's a difference from Narritive RP and Power Gaming RP.  That's why Secure Dice and other such online dice rollers were invented.  You can't lie to me about your dice rolls, you HAVE to put the GM's email into the system or the roll doesn't count.  :)  
Sure it's a bit more work for me as a GM to double check the players but in the end I think it's worth it.   
Now my original question still remains.  Do I just start a thread here in the RP section asking for interested parties or is this that thread?  
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RPG » Interested in Roleplaying? We want you !

Why?  There are plenty of online dice rollers like Secure Dice
I've done dozens of Play by post rp's that use regular pen and paper RP systems.   
Though I will admit when I run one I tend to be dice roll light.  (Even more so than I do in person. :) )  
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RPG » Interested in Roleplaying? We want you !


Well I tend to use BESM 2nd Edition. (Big Eyes Small Mouth.  The Anime Role Playing System)  
It's a good open RP system.   
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RPG » Interested in Roleplaying? We want you !

You know I've never thought of running a Warhammer RP.  Could be interesting but the only decent 40K ones would probably pretty race locked.  I.e. only Humans.  MAYBE one Tau or Eldar but to get more than that and you'd be screwing with things.  Warhammer Fantasy has it's own RPG system so that'd be fair game but again never really cared to RP in it.  :\ 
Nah the RP world I'd be presenting is my own creation called "The Merge" which is based off of this simple idea: what if a crazy over the top magic world like Slayers is combined with our modern world in a very violent and destructive way?  It doesn't end up like BASTARD let me tell you. ;)  
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RPG » Interested in Roleplaying? We want you !

Is there were we post new game ideas?  Not sure if I have enough AV "presence" to run a game here.  I've run several games both offline and on and I'm thinking of starting up a new one here to give this community a shot.   
Let me know and I'll post up my questions and world offerings I have.  :)  
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Off-Topic » Anime Vice, or The Whiskey That Gets No Respect

Oh good!  I was hoping it was a choice by you guys and not a dig by the Whiskey Media team.  I'd hate to think AV was the Red Headed Step-Child of Whiskey Media!  
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Off-Topic » Anime Vice, or The Whiskey That Gets No Respect

Not sure if this was mentioned but didn't anyone else notice that on the roller coaster for Whisky Media that's the "Logo" like thing on the T-shirts Anime Vice is in the back car with no one in it?  Just one person hanging on for dear life?  Is that because AV doesn't have a regular crew or that Whiskey Media has kicked us to the back of the bus?   
I regularly go to all the sites of Whiskey Media (Comic Vine being my least visited) but that just seemed a bit wrong to me.  Just noticed it today...  
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General Discussion » Are Game Adaption's a good idea

I'm not against Game Movies or Anime, my biggest problem with them is that most of the time they just follow the games story, but not quite.  For instance:  
Mass Effect.  If you don't know the game has been optioned for a movie and I'm pretty happy to hear that.  On the other hand I think the number one worst thing they can do is make a Shepard story.  Why?  Because EVERYONE playing Mass Effect has a different version of Shepard, different choices, and by two games in rather major different characters.  (WREX! My man! :) ) You try and make a story based on his storyline and you're going to piss off a lot of folks because it's not "Their" story.  To me the universe is big enough for a "first contact" story or something else.  Don't touch what the players already know intimately.   
Now on the flip side dating sim games give you similar "story changing" options yet can make for fun Anime series.  Love Hina comes to mind first off, and while in the game I probably would have chosen someone else, the animators picked a single storyline and stuck with it.  That's going to be key in any Game - Movie/series transition, sticking to a single storyline and making it fit.   
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