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what if gohan was killed by vegeta in there fighter after goku had ebat fireza 
waht if gohan want ssj in the gralic jr saga 
waht if salt killed goahn when eh was down beating him up 
waht fi gohan in cell as ssj fight goten turnks  
waht if gotenks ssj3 fight gohan cell games btu eh was ssj2 as wil 
what if broly lssj3 fight ssj3 gohan at cell games age and ssj3 gotenks then kiled them with vegeta goku ssj3 witch 
what if ssj3 gotenks fuse with ssj3 gohan form cell games useing th eearing 
what if vegeta wnt ssj2 when cell attack trunks 
waht if vegeta want ssj when fireza  
waht gohan want ssj after fireza punched him in the stomach grba his hair 
waht if nova sheron killed omaga 
waht if goku vegeta form ssj3 vegeito then wnat ssj4 when vs omga 
what if metal cooelr fight gohan ssj 
what if broly did not die in moive 10 then join goku 
what if gotenks fight lssj broly 
what if trunks want ssj2 and was mjain fight ssj2 goten 
what if super had took vegito pwoer 
waht if gralic jr did not use the soem move to eb trap in 
what if vegeta want ssj3 
what if there was metal broly 
what if super buu asborda broly and omga 
what if gohan want ssj2 when he had long hair 
waht if goten trunks want ssj3 
what if vegeta and goku fight ni ssj4 
what if there was super 18 or super 16 
waht if andorid 20 made broly part andorid 
waht if vegeta goku form gogeta when fight kid buu 
what if vegeta was klleed all if goku firends befor he get there 
what if gohan ssj form cell games fight 17 18  
what if kid gohan fight cell after he try to kill piccolo 
what if gohan wnat usj and ussj2 then soem wnat ussj3 
what if cell when he was bakc in 2 form absorb ssj2 gohan  
what if cell had kid gt kid goku power after absobing him then fight omga  
what if trunks show vegeta that he was stronger what if ussuj vegeta ak usepr vegeta fight ssj gohan in cell games 
waht if piccolo and pikkon fuse 
waht if guny tookver gohan when he coem back and not piccolo liek he  try to 
what if gohan vegeta saw buu killed goten trunks 
waht if bojack killed gohan when he had him by the arms kai had keep goku form coem to save him 
waht if boajck cell fuse to fight gohan 
what if cell did not sue a kamehameha but figths gohan whehe he hrut and kiled him 
what if gohan did not age pass 11  
waht if suepr vegeta best cell and then fight ssj gohan 
waht if ado and kado beat goten trunks 
what if bio broly killed goten  and trunks saw it  
what if bio broly killed goten trunks vegeta saw it
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