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Top 5 Naruto Characters You Must Know!
1. Kakashi Hatake

Say hello to Naruto’s teacher, and leader of his three man team. You will never see his face, but you will get to meet his band of ninja dogs. But his greatest skill is the ability to copy any jitsu he witnesses.

2. Zabuza Momochi

Naruto’s first real opponent. He carries a giant sword, and can summon a water dragon, do I need to say more?

3. Neji Hyuga

A natural born genius, he is a friend and rival to Naruto. What makes him great is his unique fighting style consisting of direct attacks to a person’s chakra pathway system. In a few seconds he can paralyze an enemy with 64 strikes using only his finger tips.

4. Kimimaro

This man fights using his own bones, much like Wolverine. However, unlike Wolverine, he can rip out his own spine and use it like a sword. Kimimaru will do anything to stop Naruto.

5. Rock Lee

A Dragon Ball Z character trapped in Naruto. In a world of ninjas, this man fights with his fists. No one can stand this man’s hot blood and passion. But don’t worry, he is friends with Naruto and gang.

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