godeater (Level 11)

I am the goddess of light I decide who is judged.
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  •  Name:Anita is real name, Godeater 
  • height: unknown
  • eyes:red brown/red growly in final form blue
  • hair red in demon form/yellow in human form and goddess form
  • race: Human for now was demonkin and goddess
  • female
  • Likes having friends
  • dislikes nothing
  • whats important to her- nothing
  • hobbies- none


Story of Godeater's birth Chapter 1

 The   scientist      renegades from heaven realm went  down to the demon realm  to work on A subject called "The Godeater" they needed some way to  over throw the world from humanity though they also wanted  to create A peace keeper called "Anita"in order to do  this they mixed the two subjects together like  Yin and yang well we finished our test subject and added some demon cells to the  girl to make her unique  we woke the test subject  up the test subject called "godeater" the girl opened her eyes   the smile from the 5 year old  demonic girl she spoke her first words as  
"god must die" 
we expected soon we could release her for our intentions though an accident accrued,Anita had smashed  through the test tube glass and holding  out her demonic hand choking the scientist godeater  spoke in A demonic tone saying now now where is  the  god" the  scientist spoke with a breathless voice 
" upstairs in the heaven realm "  
 godeater replies to  the  scientist   
"well the l no longer need you or  any of you scientist please  die"!  
A scientist rushes in to tell godeater about her other  personality  
"we created  a peace keeper  too who will fight to protect the world I don't know why we did this forbidden species though its done now" 
godeater smiles as she knew this would be  interesting 
"if this peace keeper gets in my  way ill kill her to!" 
godeater pulls  out her  demonic claws and  starts to slash at one of the scientists legs 
" I like  to make my victims suffer" 
  godeater slashes at the other scientists  as  she rips of there legs and then their arms 
holding the last scientist's head in her palm up high
"now die peasant' s"  
godeater squeezes the fluids  out  of the scientists head  
godeater then  throws  the body away. 
godeater goes up to the scientists  locker and puts on A black hoodey and jeans because she was naked. 
an  alarm can be heard in the  background saying  
"subject is free subject is free this is not  A drill" 
traveling outside  of the lab  I can see so many  different demons though am not experienced  enough to take on the gods. 
"I  shall take care of these peasants" 
the  girl standing before a horde  of  demons all in human forms  except their black  wings that can be seen. I   pull out my demonic claws and  start attacking the horde of enemies running towards me I  run in counter slashing each  of the demons  with swords rushing at  me. I was able to cut all of them  in  half giving me chance to run,though  from my  back A strange demon with no intentions of killing me offered to train  me in the  ways  of fighting  
" I feel your powerful though a  test  subject but give  me  time and ill train you fighting in  5 years"  I  then go to  the mysterious demons dojo and train their  for 5 whole years with Shin.

Chapter 2 training

Godeater was took under the wing of a demon who would train her for a few years to be able to control her powers.Godeater walked into the dojo it was covered with lava will  a white tiled arena that sat in the middle of the Lava  
"so this is where you train"
Said Godeater 
The man said his name was Shin even though their was no hint of demonic energy coming from him he was really strong Shin mearly smiled as he teleported and punched me out of the ring.Godeater clenched her demonic fists and charged towards him,he grabbed her arm in slow motion and delivered a round house to my face knocking me unconscious take a break now said Shin tomorrow will be tough.  
The next day Godeater was sleeping he kicked her into the ring begin
said Shin  
Godeater woke up "what I was sleeping idiot"  
Shin pulled out his sword.fighting in these standards will toughing you up said shin  then he teleported slashing my chest open the girl fell to the ground GET UP said shin in a angry tone.Godeater got up  on her two feel while closeing her eyes she began to feel his movements in slowmotion just as he  teleported it became clear the mind cant see his movements so it felt like he was teleporting he was just moving really fast she opened her eyes again they were glowing red shecould now see the truth.while catching his sword in slow motion she also fly kicked him into the ground well done Anita..I mean Godeater "how do you know my name" said Godeater Shin replied well It was destiny that I was to train you for you are my daughter. "why was I experimented on then" I had no choice but to allow them so we could create the ultimate being with my DNA and the blood cells of the legendary goddess and the rest filled with rage and sorrow of humans we created The Godeater. "So am just a weapon,fine I will train here until I am ready to destroy the gods and anyone who opposes me" 3 years later Godeater had become stronger than before she learned how to wield the legendary god slaying sword and learned a variety of magic What will you do now Godeater said Shin."isn't it obvious,Die!" Godeater focuses a dark energy blast at Shin the blast was to strong to dodge "thank you for making me hahah"  Godeater took the legendary sword and put on black and grey armour gauntlets leggings chest and a black hood on her red long hair.

Turned to human

After venturing into the city of lost souls she noticed their was a god here by the name Retrias. though the closer she got near him she fainted turning her human with no memories of her past life.she was a blonde haired blue eyed human who decided to get her memories back by following Shiro.He also lost his memory Anita came up with the idea what going back to Retrias he could bring back her memories after ding so the memories came back though she was still human a demon who has killed s many humans now had tears coming from her eyes dripping on her cheeks she knows now what its like to be weak,though she decided to become better with magic with training under Retrias.




 she responds to matters in  a mechanical way.showing no emotion or desire.since there are  no intentions in her behavior or in her speech she is intimidating because it seems like a doll is talking.

    Demon powers

  • able to  turn into anyone in the universe the power to  change into any individual (even form copys)
  • can summon any demon
  • can regen and heal  and even shield myself and others  with a barrier
  • can useall  kinds of magic (any magic)
  • can move  so fast no  one can see me
  • can teleport
  • cant die, limbs reheal,unless killed  by god like
  • can look through your  memories
  •   Jao Ensatsu Kokryuha technique. can lore in the black dragon  by using yokai or reiki as bait most enemys Distinacrate leaving  only ash behind.
  • demon eyes (these  eyes  have the  power  to trap you in the  abyss but can  only use once  because its  weakness blinds me for awile)
  • can use bandages  to wrap my enemy's around them 
  • cursed  marking makes my demoni powers stronger  http://ui12.gamespot.com/939/shinmegamitensei_2.jpg
  • absorbs anyones energy for my food(like for instance  shadow attack would not hurt me  absorbed)
  •  can move so fast it leaves an after-image.

Human powers

  • Swordsmanship 
  • verity of magic
  • master of fighting 
  • average speed
  • can control her demon powers (later on)
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