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gleowine is stuck inside on a Saturday because of the rain, watching anime.
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The weather turned warm again today. Nice, after several days of brrr, cold. My cat Asuna was begging for some milk in his usual way, walking in circles around his dish, meowing. (Sorry, that's about as moe as it gets) So, I poured him a shot and went to sit in the sunlight with my cup of tea and snack. He later trotted over, and I asked, "wanna cookie with your milk?" Well, he sniffed at the piece I dropped, licked it, batted it with his paw, and eventually nibbled off enough to satisfy himself that this was not HIS "cup of tea." So, back to the old milk dish, of course. Cat's just don't know how good they have it.
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Well, I had the day off, so thought I'd give this another shot (minus adding milk this time). And here are the results.

A little thicker than I wanted, but I'll just have to do a little fine tuning next time.

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So, yesterday I got in the mood to bake some chocolate chip cookies. I had been buying the ones that the store bakery makes and sells, but wanted to try it myself. I had a simple recipe and all the ingredients. I got everything mixed together in the bowl, then thought, "Hm, this mixture looks kind of dry. Think I'll add a little milk to moisten it a bit." Well, milk was not in the recipe, but I thought, what the heck. Now, the recipe said bake at 375 for 10-14 minutes. I took it to 15 just for good measure. Well, the dough didn't flatten out and brown like it was suppose to. So, what I ended up with was pieces of half-baked cookie dough. It tasted fine, but I'd hoped it would turn out more like, you know, cookies. Being the persistent sort that I am, I WILL try this again; as soon as I finish eating this batch, of course. Till then...
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Well, we've heard the people involved with the first season say that they really WANT to do it. So there must be something else holding it up, like maybe the bad economy, or waiting on Kadokawa to give the OK, or perhaps getting the original cast back on agreeable terms, etc. So, not to kill the dark mood, but I'm going to be the lone wolf here and give a big YES, WE WILL!!! to that. (Yeah, that's me. Always the optimist.)
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