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Well it looks like I haven't watched much of anything this summer until last night! Watched The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, good ot be back here!
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Alright, I know it's been a while since I had a chance to watch Samurai 7, but I've been busy with school. That being said, I finally watched episode 2: The Pupil last night.   
Our peasant crew gets Katsushiro to join their cause after he fails to have Kambei take him in as his student. Meanwhile Kikuchiyo returns with head in hand to some
 Here's some roses. Now live with me for-ev-er.
 Here's some roses. Now live with me for-ev-er.
engineer who fixes him. We're introduced to Ukyo, who is the first bad guy with a face. He sees Kirara and wants her for his collection of women? He kidnaps her, and Katsushiro and Kikuchiyo go to save her. Ukyo's sidekick sends samurai to fight the heroes. These thugs actually remind more more of ninja from Naruto, in that they each have different types of fighting styles and some even have abilities (one enemy has an arm that can stretch out). They are no push over, as shown when their first attack cuts off Kikuchiyo's arm. But Kirara manages to get away.
The episode comes to an ends with Kirara being cornered on a pipe high in the sky sees Kambei. Knowing that he will save her, she jumps. Her intuition was right as Kambei jumps and saves her.
 The bad guys.
 The bad guys.
We now have 2 of the 7 joining up. With the possibility of Kambei (obviously at some point he will), joining next episode. I just wonder how many episodes will be about finding and having the samurai join. Will we get one off episodes about each new samurai from now on until they are all collected? Will they get stuck on some type of adventure before they can come back to kill the bandits? I'm eager to see how it folds out. 
There is no way I'm waiting 2 weeks to watch another episode. Usually I watch in marathons, but I want to keep up with this (and have less time with school work for marathons), so hopefully I'll have another episode by tomorrow!
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