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Well it looks like I haven't watched much of anything this summer until last night! Watched The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, good ot be back here!
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I’ve recently purchased a decent amount of anime and figured if I’m going to watch it, I might as well contribute to my favorite anime site. I present to you (in Tom Pinchuk’s Watch & Learn format), SITTING THROUGH SAMURAI 7 #1  
So let’s get to it…
 Totally B.A.
 Totally B.A.

Samurai 7 (a FUNimation release), a series I have been meaning to watch for a while now, I finally picked up off Amazon (Blu-Ray on sale!). I didn’t know much about the series other than it being based off the classic film Seven Samurai, but I like me some samurai anime so I decided to give it a shot.

Samurai 7 starts off just like every samurai flick should, samurai fighting mech suits and airships in the sky… Yeah, so basically the story comes down to this village wanting to rid the so called “bandits”, which are huge airships that have search lasers? The elders decide to send Kirara Mikumari, the “maiden of the shrine” into the city to find samurai to hire. They send her because she has some type of magic crystal that literally points her to what she is looking for. Tagging along for the ride is her little sister Komachi, and their protector Rikichi
Craziness ensues with thieves, dynamite strapped robbers, Katsushiro - a kind hearted Kenshin Himura look-a-like (it’s the hair and voice), Kikuchiyo- a huge samurai cybog (who was talking just fine after losing his head!), and Kambei a battle hardened samurai looking for revenge.

 Three's Company? Not for long.
 Three's Company? Not for long.
The show seems very promising. My guess is half the series will be about finding and recruiting the samurai and half fighting the “bandits”. The world has a steam punk feel to it that definitely works; Kikuchiyo has steam exhausting from his head/helmet, the city is show having downed missiles or aircraft around it, the mechs and airships seem interesting enough.   Maybe some type of alien technology?

I’m watching on Blu-Ray (which looks amazing) with subs, but the series is dubbed on Netflix and the DVD set is on sale for $13 if you want to join in. Feel free to share thoughts, comments and help me to update the wiki!

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