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Well it looks like I haven't watched much of anything this summer until last night! Watched The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, good ot be back here!
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Favorite Characters
1. Yamcha

As weak as he is, Yamcha is just so awesome!

2. Bunji Kugashira

Such a bad ass assassin with his shades.

3. Goku

Everyone loves Goku.

4. Kenpachi Zaraki

What can I say? I love bad ass guys with swords.

5. Rock Lee

Naruto's Bruce Lee/Dragon Ball character. I love him.

6. Aoshi Shinomori

Cool, Calm and Bad Ass.

7. Kakashi Hatake

I <3 this ninja.

8. Future Trunks

Chibi Trunks is a punk and GT Trunks is a bitch. Future Trunks is not even close to any of that.

9. Goten

Chibi Goten is the cutest anime character ever.

10. Spike Spiegel

So suave when he fights.

11. Brandon Heat

I don't like him as 'Beyond the Grave' but as Brandon Heat he's awesome.

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