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Battles » Whis & Bills vs Thor & World Breaker Hulk

@taichokage said:

I didn't say he had galaxy durability, i meant solar system attacks are trivial to Thor when he's not jobbing. Also supernova are solar system level attacks and Thor has tanked it without needing to absorb them. As for reaction speed, he blitzed Surfer when they were both in hyperspace. That's FTL automatically.

Both of which are majorly higher end feats for Thor. I could give you a dozen that would make him look much, much weaker than that. If he took solar system level attacks on a day to day basis then I'd be totally cool with it, but he doesn't. That's the thing with comics, their power levels fluctuate so much, which is why you need to take some kind of average for them.

Moreover, the OP said take powerscaling into account. It's fair to assume that Whis is beyond solar system busting, though there's no method of proving this (yet). Don't know about you, but I got the sense that he was significantly more powerful than Bills (he did knock him out with one hit at the end of the film).

@SpeedForceSpider said:

Thor's battle speed is super inconsistent. On some cases he is slow as hell and others he has microsecond reactions.

Exactly, one second he's tagging the Surfer, the next he's getting punched by Captain America or Wolverine. You need to take some kind of average from comics as they are remarkably inconsistent, and from my experience, that average certainly doesn't put him on the same level as Bills or Whis.

@Zerogodlike said:

One god blast is enough to one shot either one of team 1 with no exception he mangaed to damage Chaos king mikaboshi who is mutiversal. solar system attacks aren't going to be good enough to hurt Thor since he can easyly tank supernovas. Team 2 wins both rounds Silver surfer could solo 2 team 1 by him self.


Bottom line:

Bills and Whis win round 1 easily.

Thor and Hulk should win round 2 (thanks to odinforce), until Bills and Whis get more feats.

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Battles » Grimmjow vs EMS Sasuke Uchiha

@MrASSH0LE said:

Wait Naruto character win battles against bleach now?...shit I have been gone for a long time

Lol you must have been gone for years. Madara, Hashirama, Juubito, all of them could definitely hang with Bleach's top tiers.

@luthluth: You should take that blast as a durability feat for susano, as the technique kirin was pretty much only ever created to showcase susano's abilities (it has never been used or even mentioned since). I knew you would say 'but yata mirror'; yes, Itachi's susano at full power has better defense than Sasuke's, but Itachi's susano was incomplete when that blast hit him (as he couldn't have activated it fully in the time it took for the lightning to fall).

But as long as you agree that Sasuke wins, I don't really care tbh :)

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Battles » Renji and Ichigo VS Rikudo Madara

@phantomrant said:

Gai is da man.

As of the recent chapter, the only thing he showcased was almost catching Juudara off guard (but he was able to fend him off in h2h once his senses were fully alert), and overpowering Juudara's staff attack with a point-blank Hirudora (which is underwhelming).

Eight Gates will be a lot better.

Let's hope so, otherwise Gai is going to die for nothing :/

Also, on page 13/14 (can't remember which), there's one panel that shows something near the god that the fruit dropping from the tree? Or was the impact just from the hirudora? I'm leaning more towards the former, as I don't remember Kakashi/Gai/Madara and co standing anywhere near the tree.

If it is the fruit then...damn, shiz is really getting real...

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Battles » Renji and Ichigo VS Rikudo Madara

@luthluth: @Jinbeifan1: First of all, no he wasn't. Look closely, it looks as though he never landed a single hit on Madara in that flurry of blows (and if he did, it had no effect). Even when he used the 7 gates' trump card, afternoon tiger, Madara was barely even pushed back.

Bear that in mind; Madara was hit by this (sorry I can't post the actual image, not letting me for some reason):

And was only pushed back slightly. Also, I get the feeling that 8 gates will be on another level to 7 gates, with the amount of hype that's been put into it. Even then, Madara is too OP atm to get the crap beaten out of him, so sadly Gai's sacrifice might be in vain next chapter :/ hopefully he can do some lasting damage to him. Madara seems to actually know about the 8 gates level anyway, which is never a good sign either (he mentions something about red chakra/steam when Gai starts powering up).

What you have to bear in mind as well is that all this is just to fight Madara h2h- he hasn't even begun using his techniques properly yet. And who knows, maybe 8 gates Gai will be faster than the likes of Luffy.

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Battles » Grimmjow vs EMS Sasuke Uchiha

@luthluth said:

@GIRUGAMESH: My point still stands, Sasuke wont use PS at start unless he has no choice. The fact that hes Susanoo was easily affected by Mei steam proves that it can melt from temperature and it can also be broken with enough force applied this was also shown with Madaras Susanoo. Grimmjows casual Cero had enough temperature caused by friction to reduce a Hollow into ash in under a second which would be lethal to Sasukes complete Susanoo. Sasuke does take this with Genjutsu but I want to know for sure how Killer Bee broke free from Genjutsu?

No, sorry but your point doesn't stand, my link (leading to the pic) disproves it. As seen against the Zetsus, Sasuke will not always go for his complete susano as a last resort, and may well go straight for it.

And your power scalings are...confusing, to say the least. Grimmjow can destroy a hollow, so he can also obliterate Sasuke's PS? Where are you getting this from? If Grimmjow was able to hit Sasuke with a cero head-on then yes, he's done for, but as long as he has susano in one of its later stages active then he should be fine.

Please remember that Itachi's incomplete susano was hit by this:

(Pirate site link removed)

And he still survived.

As for Mei and the other kages, yeah, susano can be broken with enough power, but I've never seen anything from Grimmjow that could one-shot Sasuke's PS, or even come close to it. In case you hadn't realised, Sasuke's PS>>the one he had at the kage summit.

Sasuke wins this with or without genjutsu, amaterasu, PS and the combinations of the two will be enough to take this. It will be tough, but Sasuke will be the one walking out of this.

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Battles » Renji and Ichigo VS Rikudo Madara

@Jinbeifan1 said:

Ok so did anyone else notice or did characters from One Piece and Bleach just get a huge chance against Madara and Juubito now? I don't want to spoil this next chapter for anyone, but for those who read it they know what I'm talking about

I know what you're going to say, and no, it really doesn't change much.

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Battles » Grimmjow vs EMS Sasuke Uchiha

@luthluth said:

@GIRUGAMESH: Sasuke has never used PS at start. I recall him using it as a last resort aginst obito only to cloak narutos ninetails to form the ultimate Nakama Bandwagon. Sasukes normal susanoo which melted against steam and was broken my weaker forces than a grand cero wont protect him aginst grimmjow who can spam it. If sasuke runs out of chakra and decides to physically combat Grimmjow hes going to get torn apart. Amaterasu will be a problem but i doubt Grimmjow whould stand there and get hit by strange black fire.

Tell me moar. Sasuke was happy to use his complete susano against a gaggle of fodder.

And way to use his lowest end feats, Mei's steam only affected susano when Sasuke had only just awoken it, and when he was exhausted from fighting the other kage. Do you think Sasuke will just sit around with a crappy susano if Grimmjow is firing off ceros? And he's definitely going to activate a stronger version of susano before running out of chakra.

I don't see why Grimmjow wouldn't get hit by amaterasu, cocky as he is, and now that Sasuke has so many methods of tagging them with it (via eyes, chakra swords and susano) it's reasonable to say he'll land a hit.

RIP Grimmjow.

@taichokage said:

^Same could be said for Grimmjow. He could blitz Sasuke off the bat. Unless its Perfect Susanoo, he easily breaks through if A and Tsunade can break through Susanoo.

Blitz Sasuke off the bat? I doubt it, assuming Sasuke has sharingan active. Let's not forget from the Itachi/Sasuke fight as well how quickly susano can be activated.

I just really don't see espada number 6 winning this.

EDIT: Web address to pirate site removed. -Dream

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Battles » Grimmjow vs EMS Sasuke Uchiha

@luthluth said:

@SpeedForceSpider: @SpeedForceSpider said:

Sasuke wins with low difficulty.

Hell no,sasuke would meet diffcult times if he dosent start in PS

Sasuke is almost as big a susano spammer as Madara, there's a good chance he'll be using it from the get-go. Also, I doubt Sasuke would need his PS to guard against a blast of that size, but hey, he'll probably go straight for it anyway, so all's well.

Sasuke isn't far off BM Naruto, I really don't see him losing against the #6 espada.

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Battles » Titans vs FMA

@YoungChief said:

@taichokage said:

Yeah I'll have to go with team FMA as well. Mustang especially can simply snap his fingers and incinerate them. This should take care of the Titan weak spot.

How will he deal with armored titan and colossal titan though. If he were to get swarmed by like 30 of them he may be in trouble too, luckily he's not alone in this fight. It's been forever since I watched FMA, but wasn't there some guy who's power was to make explosions? He could be pretty helpful

Honestly, Attack on Titan just seems incapable of defeating a verse with any sort of super powers involved

I deliberately didn't include Kimblee (the explosions guy) as he would be able to ruin most of the titans.

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Battles » Sajin Komamura vs Yammy Llargo

Dangai Kommamura wins easily, but regular Kommamura? Yamm turned out to be a bit of a joke, but I'd still put my money on him to beat regular Kommamura.

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Battles » Cooler & Frieza vs Team Toriko

@GeneralVan said:

And the Frieza family obliterating Toriko continues.

*Sigh* this. People overstating Toriko is getting old fast.

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Battles » Pain vs Zommari

Zommari is annihilated, assuming they're in character.

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Battles » Itachi,Sasuke & Kakashi Vs Barragan

@taichokage said:

When has somebody manifested Amaterasu inside a body? Also I doubt it would work. Baraggan actually went down pretty hard and only via his own power. Also a normal genjutsu is not the same as KS. Baraggan submitted to Aizen because KS has no limit to how long one is under its influence and it is unbreakable. Also the degree of manipulation is greater. Susanoo or Totsuka will simply rot. If Kakashi were not here I wouldn't think that the Uchiha had a shot at winning.

The point I was making is that amaterasu allows the user to create flames wherever their eye is focusing on. As Barragan is hollow (no pun intended), and they can see through his eyes and into his skull, it should be possible for them to create the flames there as well. Assuming this happens, the decay cloud will immediately target the flames, which would decay Barragan himself in the process. I think it makes sense, but hey, maybe it won't work. They'd need to understand his ability first and formulate that plan as well, and by that point they could be dead.

With Kakashi I say the Uchiha bros take it 8/10, without him there I say Barragan takes it 8/10.

@luthluth said:

@Dream: Well then in that case team 1 can be overwhelmed by Barragans reiatsu but I suppose its best left excluded.

This. Saying genjutsu works but reiatsu crush doesn't is stupid and favouring the Naruto characters.

@Dream: Well why not? He could erase kido (spells), why not susano? I don't picture Itachi and Sasuke sitting behind their susanos having a game of cards while Barragan's respira does nothing. But you're right about him being arrogant, which is why I say the team will win this in most cases, that plus their intelligence and kamui.

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Battles » Itachi,Sasuke & Kakashi Vs Barragan

@hitsusatsu11 said:

Team easily. Kakashi vs Barragan 1v1 id give to Barragan, Kakashi's only shot would be kamui. However EMS Sasuke or full power Itachi would likely be to much individually, let alone together with Kakashi with prep time.

Barragan proceeds to erase Sasuke's susano. The only chance Sasuke or Itachi have of taking down Barragan would be by somehow making amaterasu spawn inside his skull (as they can see through his eye sockets), which would cause Barragan's power to erase himself.

@Dream said:

Pretty sure even with his aging, Barragan isn't resistant to any doujutsu that Kakashi and the Uchihas have. Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Kamui and/or Sword of Totsuka via Itachi's Susanoo say hi. Also, the team should be safe to resort to ranged attacks as well so long as Barragan doesn't trigger his Resurreccion.

Unless it's targeted within his skull, Barragan can erase amaterasu, he can erase the sword and he can erase susano, plus genjutsu will have no effect on him. And what makes you think he won't go for his resureccion?

Normal ranged attacks will do squat against Barragan; either he slows them to the point that he can easily dodge them (base) or just erase them completely (released state).

As I said before, the only way the team wins this is:

- Kamui

- Sticking amaterasu flames inside Barragan's skull.

As all 3 of the team have prep time and have high intelligence, plus Barragan's arrogance, I'd give it to them 8/10. The 2/10 is for situations where Kakashi gets blindsided by respira, or Sasuke/Itachi rely too heavily on susano.

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Battles » Sage Kabuto vs Five Kage

Well jinton can one-shot, so Kabuto would have to be damn sure to avoid that. Only thing is, that may be tough when you have A coming at you, along with lava techniques and such.

All the same, he is a damn tricky customer. I say kages, but they'll have a bit of difficulty putting him down.

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Battles » Monster Aizen with the KS vs Shichibukai, Strawhat ans Whitebeard

The team wins easily, how has this gone on for so long?

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Battles » Titans vs FMA

Another massive hole has been made in the wall, thirty metres wide. A specially selected squad, in a crossover reality, has been sent from FMA to help the humans.

This squad consists of:

- Roy Mustang, his squad (all as pictured below), including Major Alex Armstrong and the Elric brothers, along with 100 armed soldiers.

- General Olivier Armstrong (as well as the whole briggs force). This force consists of 100 armed soldiers and 10 tanks.

All of them have 3D-manoeuvre gear, including swords if they want them (with good knowledge of how to use it) and knowledge of the titans' weak spots on their necks.

The walls are under attack from the Colossal Titan, the Armoured Titan and the Female Titan, along with 50 regular titans (of varying size, 5m to 15m).

The fight takes place in a field, with dozens of trees scattered around (but not as many as in the forest). Can the FMA team save humanity?

Round 1: as above- last person/titan standing wins.

Round 2: the same, except 5 minutes into the fight another 50 titans show up.

Round 3: the same as round 1, except the FMA team also has the 7 homunculi and there are 200 titans at the beginning.

Who wins in which rounds?

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Battles » Attack On Titan vs FMA

@taichokage: Of course. Shingeki is a show about entirely regular humans (shifters, Levi and Mikasa aside), if they were superhuman then the titans wouldn't be such a big deal.

Though this has given me an idea for a new thread...

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Battles » Attack On Titan vs FMA

@Dream: Pride might solo, with the rest this is a stomp. An enemy that size counts for squat against Pride and Gluttony.

@MrASSH0LE said:

I think Eren and Annie would just kill everyone repetitively,they have regeneration and casual building level destruction feats.They could take Sloth,Lust,Gluttony and Envy at the very least which have not displayed superior speed or strength. Wrath, Pride and Greed would take out Levi and Mikasa and probably Eren. So it comes down to King Bradley vs Annie,which I see Annie winning.

Um, afraid not.

Lust is fast enough to at least not get tagged instantly, and she is capable of tearing them to bits. It might take her a while, but her 'ultimate spear' could be dangerous here (and let's not forget, the homunculi all have regeneration too). Envy could act as a capable distraction (he'd get the crap beaten out of him, but still, he could knock them around as well). Sloth is the fastest of the homunculi as well in terms of travel speed, did you forget that?

And you're underestimating Gluttony; as soon as he opens up his 'true' mouth he has the chance of one-shotting anyone here. Even if he fired it randomly he might end up taking off Eren's leg or something.

Greed could beat Levi and Mikasa together, they wouldn't be able to do a thing against him. Bradley could take down any titan in the show, what with his speed, ultimate eye and apparently being able to cut through almost anything with a sword (he effortlessly cut through walls and sliced a tank shell in half). Annie couldn't keep up with Levi, and Wrath is even faster. Combine it with his ultimate eye and the chances of her landing a hit are pretty slim.

Oh, and then there's Pride. Who can tear all of them to bits with enough shadows.

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Battles » Saber & Gilgamesh Vs Toriko and Zebura

In character, team Toriko should win this with both members intact, mid-difficulty.

But if both teams were bloodlusted? That changes things. Not 100% which way it would go, but as some people have said, Gilgamesh has a few techniques that can one-shot either of the Toriko team in his arsenal.

But as things stand, team Toriko wins.

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