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Battles » jinbei vs kisame?

A lot of people says Jinbei, but it only shows that One Piece has more fans than Naruto. Personally I prefer One Piece too, but I think Kisame would win. Kisame is really strong in hand to hand, not only Jinbei. Kisame can be speed into the water, not only Jinbei. Kisame has Samehada, a great sword, but it's to absorb chakra, so it's almost useless, ALMOST, is a weapon after all. I understand that Kisame couldn't absorb Jinbei's chakra because he hasn't any chakra. Then you said that Kisame's water justsus won't work on Jinbei, because he controls the water too, but nobody said that JinbeiĀ“s water attacks won't work on Kisame, because Kisame controls the water too. Then, Kisame can do his jutsus because he puts his chakra into the water. Jinbei hasn't chakra, so he couldn't take control of Kisame's jutsus. With a high power water attack, Jinbei won't die drowned, but the impact still afecting him. And if Jinbei attacks using the water, Kisame just have to use his chakra to take control of it, so JinbeiĀ“s water attacks won't work on Kisame
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