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Yipe, what a crazy-ass couple'a days it's been! I've been trying to get to this post for, uh...well, since pre-launch. Oops.

So, welcome to Anime Vice! I'll have a lengthy article on the site shortly where I go into more detail about the site's goals and what-all, but for now, I just want to sit back, relax, and have a drink. Err, wait, no, that wasn't it. Think, gia, think. Stop typing whatever comes into your head and think for a second! (Boy, it's a good thing I don't REALLY do that. It gets pretty nasty up there.)

So what I really wanted to say is, thanks for coming! We've been working on Anime Vice for ages it seems (and through several different names as the time has passed), although I guess I've been on it for about ten months...which maybe isn't all THAT long as far as major websites go? I dunno, I wasn't really involved in much of the development of my previous site, animeOnline. (I'll talk more about that some other time.)

But man, what an amazing launch! It's been so incredible to get such a huge response in such a short time. I hope we fulfill (and go beyond) everyone's expectations so y'all stick around for good! Also, if I can just take a moment to be a complete Internet fangirl? Danny Choo wrote about our launch. My face (or, I guess, my neck?) is actually on his site. Danny Choo, for those not familiar, is one of Japan's most famous bloggers. He blogs in both English and Japanese, mostly about figures but also about life in Japan and other otaku-related topics. So, yeah, I definitely squeed when I saw that. Thanks, Danny! <3

And thanks to everyone else who's been linking to us, whether you're posting to a blog or just passing it on to friends. Welcome to the Vice Squad!
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