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I'm guessing most of you guys are connecting to the 'net from your homes, but as someone who travels a lot, I find myself all sorts of places: my home, friends' homes, family's homes, wifi cafes, convention centers, parked in a car outside the home of some poor unsuspecting sap who hasn't secured his wifi properly...

...Err. *cough*

Anyway, today I've found myself in a rather nice wifi cafe called the Library Coffee Co. having some really nice hot apple cider (I don't drink coffee; I think it tastes gross, like the four-year-old I truly am)...VERY hot apple cider, as it turns out. I took off the lid to try and let it cool down, and instead I spilled it on my hand, which is now being iced. T_T Ouchie.

How about you guys? Are you usually working from home? Or maybe the library, or cafes, or what?
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