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Yes, it's time once again for a POLL! Crunchyroll has added a BUNCH of new shows to the list of ones I can show you, including a lot of live-action ones. I've cherry-picked the most interesting ones:

  • Angelic Layer (26 episodes) - Based on the CLAMP manga, Angelic Layer is sort of a shounen series in a shoujo package: a young girl gets caught up in a battle doll game.
  • Best Student Council (26 episodes) - A wacky and occasionally outright absurd comedy about an all-girls school run entirely by its student council...and a girl with a puppet on her hand.
  • Blassreiter (24 episodes) - Biomechanical creatures called Demoniacs, made from corpses, are mindless zombies that attack people that can merge with technology. A group called XAT attempt to defend humanity from these monsters.
  • Captain Harlock (42 episodes) - The original, the classic! Harlock is a space pirate with a heart of gold and a wacky crew in Leiji Matsumotos' late-70s space adventure.
  • Code Geass Season 1 (25 episodes) - I don't need to tell you the story, do I? Available both subbed AND dubbed, so I can show each episode in each format!
  • Eureka Seven (50 episodes) - Also available subbed and dubbed. Eureka Seven is about a boy who gets sucked into a rebel faction called Gekkostate.
  • Galaxy Express 999 (113 episodes) - I'd probably stop somewhere around episode 24-26, but this is another classic Leiji Matsumoto adventure about a young boy's adventures on boar a space train.
  • Glass Mask (51 episodes) - A 2006 anime based on a 1970s (but ongoing!) shoujo manga, Maya Kitajima is desperate to become a professional stage actress alongside her rival, Ayumi Himekawa.
  • Ramen Fighter Miki (12 episodes) - A goofy comedy about a teenage girl who works at her family's ramen shop and competes with the shop girls from other local businesses.
  • School Days (12 episodes) - The infamous moe romantic drama which takes angry teenagers to a completely different level.

 Please leave a comment listing a show (or three) that you'd enjoy watching, and I'll make my decision! <3
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