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$159?! Man, fetish wear is expensive.
$159?! Man, fetish wear is expensive.
I did a teensy bit of shopping last night with a friend, by which I mean we arrived at one of the fun shopping/boutique-y areas of Portland about 20 minutes before Metro closed (and it stays open later than almost anywhere else). Oops!

In that 20 minutes, though, I tried on this spiffy latex pseudo-fakey-geisha thing. It was very similar to the one in the photo here, except it had kanji instead of a dragon. It actually looked pretty awesome, and I would have seriously considered buying it...except the price tag was $159. X.x There's another one up on eBay for $74.99, but that's still a lot (especially with $9 shipping). It's a shame, because I'd love to find a con event to wear that to. Mwahahaha.

...Yeah, okay, so I like dressing up. Almost any excuse to do so, I'll jump on. But I get a bit nervous cosplaying at conventions where I'm also trying to network with industry people, so I mostly don't. ^_^;
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