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Two shounen series, both very heavy on style. One's a bit goth-punk, the other almost more goth-elegant, with aesthetics derived from Victorian England. I am, of course, speaking of Soul Eater and D.Gray-Man, respectively, if you missed the topic at hand!
 Soul Eater
 Soul Eater
Now, as someone who only dabbles in the shounen series-- i always fall off the wagon in the end, I apparently just don't have as much patience (or time!) as some --I have a very hard time picking between these two. I love Soul Eater's aesthetic, sort of a Halloweentown, Tim Burtony kind of look to it, with some really excellent action and really, REALLY fun characters.
D.Gray-Man has never felt quite as sturdy, if I can put it that way, as Soul Eater to me, but I do love me some Victorian style, and the characters are definitely endearing, if perhaps not quite as original, or even as over-the-top quirky...setting aside Komui, anyway.
So, in the end, I think I'll say it'd depend on my mood. With its often light-hearted comedy feel, I'm probably in the mood for Soul Eater more frequently, but there are definitely times I'd be more in the mood for D.Gray-Man.
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