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Watching Durarara 16 on Crunchyroll! #crunchyroll
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Doesn't it look like the Gurren Lagann is cockblocking Lelouch going after Simon or something?
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 I'll put together a more thorough post for the news page later, but right now I'm busy completing all the quests myself, so I have to post to my userblog :D Go ahead-- if you're logged in, click your username in the lower-left corner and click "Quests." <3    
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It's amazing how well this works. 

Via Jlist.
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Went out to dinner after work this week and stumbled upon this...guess Ryuk was in San Rafael a little while ago. 

I know most people hate losing an hour of sleep, but I love the time change when all of a sudden it's still light out when I get off of work. So nice. 
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Just thought I'd give you a heads-up-- get your questions in now!
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