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General Discussion » High School: Why?

@cfatalis: That's a fair point....
I don't know, I just feel like the industry is just using the high school backdrop as an easy no-risk environment for profit. It's not like high school is prime territory for Better stories, or anything. I feel that this high-school trend shows that the anime industry (on the whole) is lacking creativity and only going for a profit. Let's just count how many high school related shows are coming up this fall. I count 12. Some of these shows I know from knowledge that, while they might have a different focus, they are STILL stuck in school on some level.
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General Discussion » High School: Why?

High school. 
What is it about this section of our human life span that is, apparently, so appealing to the masses of those who watch and produce anime? I can't, for the life of me, figure out why the current anime market is (in my opinion) completely over-saturated with it.  Recently I've noticed myself shifting over to anything that does not even mention this setting. Any setting, at this point, is refreshing.  But I can't help but wonder why there are so many high school shows out there. Is it  due to the demographic? Perhaps it is because school uniforms are easier to draw when doing a large amount of people in a single screen; or it decreases the amount of time that costume design would take?  Maybe this is the risk-less default genre to fall onto for money due to tradition of effectively money-making high-school shows? With the market as it is, I can see why this explanation might be the case. Anyone have any ideas as to why high school is so popular in anime?
This learned avoidance has pushed me to want, at the very least, collage/university based shows. Why are there so many high school shows and barely any university based shows? Surely a huge demographic exists here, right?  I'm glad to have found Hen Zemi, but is it too much to hope for more?
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General Discussion » Highschool of the dead

Just finished watching it. 
I love some of the fluid and exaggerated animations they have going on. Well done screams of terror. Maybe abit overboard on the fanservice but I guess some people like that?
Still, it's about time we saw some japanese zombie fiction.
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