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Kuro Genesis
Kuro Genesis
name: Kuro Genesis 
age: ageless 
race: shapeshifter 
hobbies: reading poetry and flesh right off the bone 
identity: unknown 
alignment: evil cannibal 
place of birth: unknown 
group affiliation: Gekido
education: trained to kill 
height: 6ft 4in (height changes when shifts into others)
weight: 224lb (also changes when shifts into others)
hair: sliver (changes when shifts into others)
eyes: crimson red  (eyes changes when shifts into others) 

 calm and mysterious individual, the supposed monster of the world and an Excellent manipulator and cannibalistic person. he has deep connections with powerful organizations without a single document pointing back to him. His appearance can vary from time to time making him extremely hard to identify ( the picture above shows his most recent appearance). The only lead so far is the fact that he always carries a sack filled with severed human remains that he likes to snack on from time to time. he is Extremely stealthy when it comes to assassinations.  Approach with extreme caution. 


 - gravity control: kuro can use the gravity how ever he chooses. 
- hypnosis: kuro can hypnotizes any one just by snaping his fingers.
- superhuman strength: can lift 500,000,000lbs with both hands.
- superhuman speed: can run faster then the speed of sound.
- space/time regeneration: kuro can heal himself rapindly when ever he wants but chooses not to. 
-lightningpulse: he fires a pulse of lightning from both his pointer and his middle fingers. 
-wave of destruction: he lifts his right arm stright into the air and a giant ball of raw power the size of the planet  

Ball of destruction
Ball of destruction



Twin Pheniox katana's
Twin Pheniox katana's

 Description: these two swords were made from the the feathers of the pheniox, whenthe wielder of these swordsis in battle the aura turns surrounds the wielder in orange fire but when the user feels rage the fire turns from orange to black. the wielder can also call fourth the pheniox when in to much trouble.

Dragon katana
Dragon katana
Decription: this sword is very much like the pheniox katanas but this sword was made from afang from an ice/water dragon, the sword gives the wielder the power to manipulate water and ice, the sword gives the wielder wings made from ice when the power is released. 
Tiger broadsword
Tiger broadsword
Description: its just a normal broadsword. 
GeNeSiS Stats
Date Joined: Oct. 19, 2009
City: Calgary
Gender: Male
Alignment: Evil
Points: 0 Points
Ranked: Ranked #7064 of 46,652
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