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List of anime I have seen from best to worst (Subject to Change)

these are just my personal favorites that seem to have struck certain chords with me. this is not a list where i challenge anyone or say that if this isn't your order then you suck. i sometimes watch multiple ones at a time (unless i really just can't stop watching one) so please, if anyone has any suggestions i'd be happy to give them a shot.

exceptions to the rule are robot shows (i hate 'em. don't know why me and technology, we don't mesh) it's almost a unanimous thing too, i hate just about all of them. and one piece because i know it must be good, but that's like 800 episodes long! in my will it'd say for my family to please finish the show for me.

not gonna lie, i get pretty cynical as the list goes down.

1. Hellsing

yep. that's the difference in my mind. the show is just not good. the idea is there (clearly with Ultimate as proof) but everyone is a thousand times more annoying, the bad-guy is some...sort of witch doctor vampire? and the ending trails off into the territory of "threat? oh, yeah, pretty sure it'll resolve itself or something!"

2. Descendants of Darkness

this show gets really boring at points. when you find out what happened to the partner you want to cringe. and the main bad guy in this show is just extremely creepy on levels that fall in the ballpark between stalker-with-tree-climbing-gear-used-for-hunting and puts-lipstick-on-the-skulls-of-previous-victims.

3. Digimon Adventure

i watched the first two seasons then stopped. mainly because i remember the show went "hey, everything you just watched we're going to say was a show in here, too!" so, i felt basically betrayed and duped by something i invested just about two years of time into and that wasn't even a relevant story by the shows standards anymore. i don't like to talk about it much..

4. Trinity Blood

how do you screw this up so bad? they had so many characters (definitely the attempt at juggling and switching between over-utilizing and under for certain characters didn't help) that had crazy abilities, the potential for some interesting conflict, and so much else and still it got beyond boring. the religious nature got a little heavy-handed, but that can work, especially in a tale with vampires and when two characters are named Cain and Abel. but it was the fact that they made the political agenda of everyone the main centerpiece. another awful ending as well. whole thing was disappointing and left a real bad taste in my mouth.

5. Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki

i'm pretty sure i have seen multiple versions of tenchi muyo and honestly couldn't tell the difference even slightly between them. i know he's, like, really strong or chosen or something of the like. and he gets non-stop girls wanting to be with him and protect him, but doesn't do anything because he's abstaining from sex and intelligence.

6. Paranoia Agent (TV)


7. Reign: The Conqueror

fuck you, "show!"

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