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List of anime I have seen from best to worst (Subject to Change)

these are just my personal favorites that seem to have struck certain chords with me. this is not a list where i challenge anyone or say that if this isn't your order then you suck. i sometimes watch multiple ones at a time (unless i really just can't stop watching one) so please, if anyone has any suggestions i'd be happy to give them a shot.

exceptions to the rule are robot shows (i hate 'em. don't know why me and technology, we don't mesh) it's almost a unanimous thing too, i hate just about all of them. and one piece because i know it must be good, but that's like 800 episodes long! in my will it'd say for my family to please finish the show for me.

not gonna lie, i get pretty cynical as the list goes down.

1. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

I'm going to just include regular FMA in here as well, since it's kind of like picking which child you love more except one tells you they love you in the morning while the other takes money out of your wallet when they think you're not looking.

2. Trigun

you watch anime. you know what this is. you know why it is here. if not, then stop reading this right about here and go fix that.

3. Outlaw Star

being a pirate is pretty cool. this crew makes it cooler. there is never really a dull moment on this show either. it's just a really good, fun, interesting show. the action is incredible as well.

4. Samurai Champloo

speaking of incredible action, this show is legendary for it. the peculiar, yet perfectly suited soundtrack do it wonders as well. and an ending that really puts you in a great mood.

5. Monster

wow, this was incredible. intricate details weaved throughout the whole show. subtle things like trying to point out not all characters could possibly speak the same language were nice additions. some filler episodes with an ending that seems too clean cut, it still was undoubtedly fantastic.

6. Death Note

nothing like having absolutely no goddamn idea who to root for.

7. Hellsing Ultimate

I know these are just OVAs for the most part but the difference in quality between this and the other series (it's on here too. just... later) is a bit staggering to me.

8. Darker than BLACK

a surprisingly fantastic show, with a sequel that nowhere near measures up.

9. InuYasha
10. Cowboy Bebop

i know, i know, this is almost blasphemous to most seeing as it is behind so many, but later in the series there were a couple of episodes that felt like total throwaways to me. still gets top ten though, hands down!

11. Baccano!

this show is pure, unadulterated fun non-stop.

12. Black Butler

a really great story (second series not really but i'll forgive it and include it in here because it ties everything off) and what a way it all goes down in the first series, too. honestly, nothing is wrong with it at all except that they felt the need to have a follow-up where the only wow-ing part is that one's ending.

13. Tokyo Majin

the friendship sells this show to me. most of it has been done before but it's the relationships that interest me so much.

14. Attack on Titan
15. Gungrave
16. Berserk
17. Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor

i know there were other guyvers before this but this one stands out most to me. a truly action-packed show that fired on all cylinders until the last few episodes where the ending just sucks ass.

18. Getbackers
19. Wolf's Rain
20. Eden of The East

i am still in great shock by just how awesome this show was. the ending is a little unclear, but the follow-up movie fixes that up nicely. after you find out stuff in the second episode about the money and power at their disposal, it just keeps being great. it's only 11 episodes as well, so you'll be able to get through it right quick.

21. Jormungand
22. Samurai 7
23. Soul Eater

talk about losing sight once you deviate from the plan. the first half of the series was excellent, second-half not-so-much. and the ending is ugh... if you're going to watch this show i suggest you skip the last episode. sounds ridiculous but i promise you, whatever you make-up in that imagination of yours will be a hundred times more enjoyable than what you're given for the finale.

24. Desert Punk

not gonna lie, this show lost me sometimes for the fact it made it seem like it wasn't sure what it was doing. but then would remind me that it's too insane to not just be enjoyed so i went on a fun ride with it and never looked back. and the way the show ends up makes it so unique it can't be anything but fantastic.

25. When They Cry - Higurashi

where to start with this one. well, i have not finished this one yet (i know, shame on me) but from the amount i have seen i can safely say this is one of the top contenders for one of the most batshit shows i have ever seen in my life. i would rather live on a post-apocalyptic desert planet or float through empty space where only pirates and monsters inhabit any day as oppose to this god-forsaken village.

26. Case Closed

what a terrific little show. too bad i'll never get around to watching all of it since it won't make it all over here and since no one has the kind of time to watch 700+ anything of anything.

27. Pokémon Origins
28. Dragon Ball

again, gonna corral all the shows GT, Z, regular. the show that introduced a lot of people to anime in the first place. remember how long it took for people that just didn't like each other by reputation to meet? remember how long it took for them to get done with talking about fighting? remember how long it took for whoever interfered to get slapped out of the way? remember the actual fight? remember the actual, actual fight? remember the bombardment of characters constantly being astonished by the sheer fact that supposed shit that didn't seem like new territory for us the viewers, but was totally impossible to them even though they made craters just by jumping? this is the anime family equivalent of the roid-raging cousin.

29. Hell Girl

hell girl is a very step-by-step show. want to set theatrical vengeance on those who have wronged you by supernatural means? we can do that. it's just going to cost you. how'd i get into the business? by getting so screwed over in such a way, i can't think of a better way to pass my time and pray to hunt down the lost lineage of the people i relied on, who by the way have NO IDEA their ancestors committed such atrocities. it is a good show though! because the way everything happens is pretty damn good.

30. Elfen Lied

know how i mentioned that list of batshit shows? (that could be its own list) well, meet the title holder!

31. Pokémon

i bet you if you gave me some necessary thinking time, i could name you each one of those damn 151 little dudes and probably tell you which ones actually said their own names or not. yeah, i was a poke-dork and so was everybody else back then. however, everyone's favorite episodes were ones where either they had gym battles, tournaments, got new pokemon or set one free in a very Shane sort of way. that's a lot of filler. then they played God and decided to add around 1,000 more species of the thing and it all became beyond intolerable. admit it though, you still sneer when you hear the name 'gary'

32. Highschool of the Dead

now, this is a show that most people would be supremely on the fence about. it is quite gratuitous with some (by some i mean a lot) scenes of the girls, but honestly, once you stop caring, you stop noticing. the action is surprisingly well done. also, they don't explain the epidemic, which i appreciated. i know the dub and the sub versions might as well tell two completely different stories considering one has way too many pop culture references for american kids. if you can get over those mild hurdles long enough to get through twelve episodes of off-the-wall lunacy, then you may like this one a lot. side note, the main characters reactions to the girls (you'll know what i mean if you see it) are pretty goddamn intense.

33. D.Gray-Man
34. Big O

big o is a series that has a pretty gnarly concept. not because it's got a big-ass robot in it that gets monster-of-the-week treatment at the end of every episode. because let's face it, a big robot anime is kind of like needing a button when you work at a laundromat, you can get it at any time really. but the overall mystery was interesting to me. until you found out what it was more or less, which was deducible early on.

35. Claymore
36. xxxHOLiC
37. Corpse Princess: Aka

yet another show that was doing pretty good, until that atrocious ending.

38. Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini

this goddamn abomination defiled the series previous to it. it made more questions, gave less answers, turned the main character who is a certifiable bad-ass into a whiny bitch, and apparently will never have a follow-up to rectify whatever the hell this was.

39. FLCL

"...what the fuck did i just watch?" that was the collective statement both me and my brother said aloud after actually watching this program.

40. Dance in the Vampire Bund

a show about vampires and werewolves that actually had some intriguing elements to it. in no way is this a 'must see', but it isn't a bad show at all either. however, they do tend to stretch the whole eternal love has no age thing a bit, wherein they actually have a seventeen year-old girl be with a thirteen year-old boy. yeah, get's a little gross sometimes.

41. Lupin III

this is a fun show, strictly for just pure enjoyment. you want depth? go elsewhere. also, awesome music!

42. Fruits Basket

this show is really, really gay. that's not to say it's awful or even really that bad or anything. it just is what it is kind of.

43. Witch Hunter Robin

ok, i've seen much worse. but the execution left so much to be desired. why did robin seem downright pessimistic about every little thing? why'd that one girl seem like a slut? and why was that guy such a dick all the time, and in the end they're an item? hope she burned his ass in bed. in the end, for me, the series was just very forgettable, and that's never a good thing. was there even an overarching bad guy/organization/thing?

44. Pet Shop Of Horrors

this show was very odd. it wasn't bad, and did leave me craving for more seeing as it was just four episodes, but it always felt like it was missing something.

45. Black Blood Brothers
46. Devil May Cry

this is a show about the videogame franchise. only it's barely like it. also, it's not that good.

47. Blade of the Immortal

well, this got bad. fast. literally right after that episode with the shoulders being revealed (if you've seen it, you know to what i am referring)

48. Initial D: First Stage

if you dig anime and you could join in on a circle jerk over your fascination with all things automotive then boy is this the show for you!

49. School Days

holy shit!

50. Rurouni Kenshin

i saw Samurai X. then i tried to watch this. it deserves its place in my book.

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