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General Discussion » Pick the Next Show I'll View for Watch & Learn!

I say go with Gurren Lagann. It is an enjoyable lighthearted show (mostly) if you are not looking for something that is too complicated in plot or character background and development. To back that up there are some cool and ridiculous action sequences. That and I would like to rewatch  the show through your impressions like I did with Death Note.
Abenobashi - too goofy
Beserk - too brutal
Fullmetal Alchemist - too deep (and why not Brotherhood)
Cowboy Bebop - the show has been honored for over a decade. We get it it's good.
I would say the same for Trigun as I did with Bebop, but Trigun has a good amount of goofy lightheartedness like Gurren Lagann does, and there are a few themes in the show worth discussion. I vote for Gurren or Trigun. 
Can we get a poll or vote count in this thread?
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