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Hey everyone here following me. not that theres many of you. Sorry ive been quiet for a while but my actual account is - robin smith - this is an old account now. I originally made the new account to tie togeather all the wiskey media accounts i had
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Sengoku Basara » Congrats Anime Vice!

wait!? what??, what did i do!? i didn't break something did i?

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Just Anime » No new ideas in anime?

So i posted this topic in another anime based forum, and i was just wondering what the general views here would be.
 I suppose this would cover manga and other mediums also.

So one of the things that i had and sometimes still have trouble with in anime is the over use of some themes for shows.

Theres the high school miss-hap rom com stuff
The overly mindless fan service stuff
The overly camp or homo erotic blurring of sexuality stuff
Gundum rip offs
School girl samurai
Otaku overcoming this
lone wanderer battling evil
blah blah blah

Its not to say that these ideas don't have merit, they have been used in some of the most loved anime of all time, But more often then not they are just easy themes or basis for shows to take advantage of anothers success.

It just feels like a lot of the anime available these days has been reproduced a lot over the last 20 years and now its become. Wet and diluted.

So im just wondering what good ideas you have for shows you guys would like to see. Dont worry if it sounds a bit simple or strange. Whatever you come up with is good.
You never know maybe someone out there will see one and make it into reality.
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Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva » professor Layton Did it need a movie?

Has anyone actually gotten the chance to see the dvd yet? Iv'e not myself so im wondering if i should pay out for this or not.
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