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Hey everyone here following me. not that theres many of you. Sorry ive been quiet for a while but my actual account is - robin smith - this is an old account now. I originally made the new account to tie togeather all the wiskey media accounts i had
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but it was something i could post on the page for the show its from. i also couldnt post it on the page for the dvd, nor am i able to post up the new dvd because the site isnt working with amazon right now. troubles i say. maybe someone should take a look at that.
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without moderation. I feel all kinds of special now. lol.
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looking for guests on my achievemental podcast.

If theres anyone interested in being on the show as a guest at all please let me know via a pm or reply to this post.

thanks :)
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So upon loggin in today i got a load of exp from completed quests. leveled up to 9. then went to a new page only to be faced with being level 8 again!
Anyone with any ideas why?
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Im very flattered by this obv.
Who woulda thought little old me would have been spotted by anyone. Well now im going to need to improve my quality of writing. and start reviewing some more new anime releases.... its good though, i have a few to watch.
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