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Special Team Tourney

This is not the official page but one for suggestions

  • Teams must consist of the following :a elemental specialist, a blade specialist, a magic specialist, a barehand specialist, a master and servant pair, a gun specialist, a far range specialist. a speedster, a close range specialist, battle gear user, and a leader
  • Anime/Manga Only
  • No Fate Series Characters
  • No Videogame Characters( if thy have manga or anime version those forms are acceptable)
  • No one above planetary level'as in destructive capabillity and durabillity
  • No Omnipotent Characters
  • Changes will btween allowed in between rounds
  • You can only use one version of the same character( you can't have Hashirama and then also have edo hashirama)
  • I will clarify any misgivings and answer any questions relating to this tourney.
  • You can't use the same character as someone else even if it's a different from.
  • To avoid problems no omni directional equipment
  • Speed limit lightspeed
  • Certain rules can be bypassed if you don't mind nerfing
  • No Time Powers( exceptions might be made)
  • no reality Warpers

I want you pm me a page or wiki where i can view

a characters feats so i can make a final judgement

Also each round will feature a special rule

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Submissions can take several hours to be approved.

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