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Special Team Tourney

This is not the official page but one for suggestions

  • Teams must consist of the following :a elemental specialist, a blade specialist, a magic specialist, a barehand specialist, a master and servant pair, a gun specialist, a far range specialist. a speedster, a close range specialist, battle gear user, and a leader
  • Anime/Manga Only
  • No Fate Series Characters
  • No Videogame Characters( if thy have manga or anime version those forms are acceptable)
  • No one above planetary level'as in destructive capabillity and durabillity
  • No Omnipotent Characters
  • Changes will btween allowed in between rounds
  • You can only use one version of the same character( you can't have Hashirama and then also have edo hashirama)
  • I will clarify any misgivings and answer any questions relating to this tourney.
  • You can't use the same character as someone else even if it's a different from.
  • To avoid problems no omni directional equipment
  • Speed limit lightspeed
  • Certain rules can be bypassed if you don't mind nerfing
  • No Time Powers( exceptions might be made)
  • no reality Warpers

I want you pm me a page or wiki where i can view

a characters feats so i can make a final judgement

Also each round will feature a special rule

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  • You have to do alot of work just to find their speeds. Like first you have to look up how far they can travel in a set amount of time. Then you have to find the scaling for distance in the game and then caculate and convert.
  • You can't be exactly sure how strong they are because they don't die from realistic hits like say if i slice you down the middle all you do is bleed a bit but your still alive that's just unfair.
  • Because of this anime vs. videogame characters are normally one sided.
  • I am actually dealing with a abundance of this problem since i am facing one in a tourney. If you ask me i don't believe a word this guy says because i don't think final fantasty using a meter count so unless i get statements from the developers i consider them to be false scans
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Lately i have been thinking that i could change some asppects or things in certain shows to make them better. I want to hear your ideas too.

  • I would make a new type of manuver gear that blasted out compressed air. The air would be sucked in threw a vaccum that would rest on the sword rack. There would be a cord connecting the vaccum to the cylinders. The air would be compress and sent to the center piece which balstes it out. So there is no need to refill and no need for cords since it simoutaneously blast and sucks air so you could fly constantly.
  • I would make Ichigo's new bankai have black wings and his vasto lorde mask.
  • I would give Naruto a sword that is just a hilt at first but when he adds his chakra to it a blade of complete chakra fomrs making more powerful than most special swords in Naruto.
  • I would mention the exact speed characters travel at since i don't believe Servants move normally at Mach 40
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When i first join i thought this sight was going to inlclude something like the deadliest warrior simulations. I not a computer master so i can't provide something like that but someone should. It would make this sight alot more fun.You add in the feats of a character along with pics of he character and their equipment with vids or descriptions of how they move and what their techniques are like when he simulating is done you play a vid of how the video would turn out like you own amv

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There always will be some new users who don't get the message when the threads they make suck. When a user makes a thread and it gets no replies that's how you know they lack sense. They must be even more senseless to make these nonsense threads. In my opinion if they don't pick things up in a week they are stupid and hopeless

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