Gaara (Level 5)

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Name: Gaara
Height: 166.1cm
Weight: 50.9kg
Age: 16
Place of origin: Sunagakure
Current Rank: Jonin
Family: Gaara(Father), Unknown mother(Deceased), Kankuro(Uncle), Temari(Aunt)

Gaara is the prince of Sunagakure, which means village hidden in the sand. He is the son of the original Gaara who is the Kazekage and a mother who died when he was just a baby. Gaara was born into a world of war. Although since the defeat of Pein, Madara and the fall of the Akatsuki, there had been peace, a peace that had been sustained for many years, there were those who hid in the shadows, met in secret, worshiping those evil shinobi and trying to achieve what they had failed to do. These dark ninja, were not known of for many years, there numbers small at first, and scattered around the various nations, some were people that many saw as good, hard working honsest individuals, not realising there true intentions, this made finding about there evil plans impossible.

The first attack, by these groups was only a little more than a year before Gaara was born. The nations were shocked, because the attacks had come from the inside, making defending against it very difficult, and because there had been peace for so long, the shinobi were not trained well enough to deal with this type of situation, they were left unprepared. It was only untill, the kage's and the more experienced shinobi got involved that the attackers were drove back but not defeated. It was from that day, that the training of all shinobi would be increased, and the way of the shinobi would go back to how it once was.
Gaara Stats
Date Joined: Dec. 22, 2008
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral
Points: 0 Points
Ranked: Ranked #4376 of 46,752
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