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Given how the first of the 13 saga was pretty shabby in terms of gameplay but had a pretty solid story while 13-2 had an improved gameplay but lacked in the story department compared to the first one AND how the 13-3 namely Lightning Returns was absolutely amazing (again in my opinion) in means of both gameplay and story, what would you guys think if an anime were to be made based on this saga.

I can't say I'm a hardcore fan of ff13 as a whole but FF13 LR definetely left a big mark on my experience as a gamer and anybody who ever enjoyed a final fantasy game should give it a try.

Going back on topic I think that given the rich story that went on in the 3 volume game could easily make a very good 26 or 52 (preferably 52 episodes show), and given how the only final fantasy anime was that Final Fantasy Unlimited (not counting movies just anime series) there's a pretty good chance it would be pretty succesfull.

What are your guys thoughts on this matter.

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