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Yen Press has more manga coming our way for 2012!!

The crazy nurse will see you now.
The crazy nurse will see you now.

Back in early April and in the wake of SAKURA-CON, the English manga publisher Yen Press announced over their website a list of some of their new series to be published this year.

Among some of Yen Press' more original publication is the addition of the a manga adaptation of the dark-romance novel BEAUTIFUL CREATURES by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. It will be illustrated by Cassandra Jean. This will be serialized in YEN PLUS later this year, and the collected volume is due out in 2013.

Not only are they branching more of their original works, they have a small wealth of licensed series out of Japan to come to our shores this year. The lists includes:

  • Thermae Romae by Mari Yamazaki: A comedy manga series about the bathhouse culture of Rome and Japan. Yen Press will be presenting this series as a hardcover omnibus with each edition containing two volumes.
  • Kaoru Mori: Anything and Something by Kaoru Mori: A collection of short stories from the creator of A Bride's Story.
  • Umineko When They Cry written by Ryukishi07: This series is going to be published in an omnibus format for the US. Each volume will include two from the original publication.
  • Blood Lad by Yuuki Kodama: A dark-comedy manga of a young girl who needs the supposed help from a vampire to reclaim her own life back while in a demon world.
  • Triage X by Shouji Sato: A mature action-drama series filled with guns and fanservice. Not surprising given the creator is also responsible for HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD.
  • The Misfortune of Kyon & Koizumi: This is an anthology comic collection that's a spin-off of the spectacularly popular The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya franchise.
  • Alice in the Country of Hearts: My Fanatic Rabbit by QuinRose: This is a spin-off manga of the first Alice in the Country of Hearts manga. The original was published by TokyoPop, but Yen Press will be releasing this series in a three volume omnibus set starting this June. The Fanatic Rabbit spin-off to come later in the year.

One of the bigger manga announcements that has me excited is Yen Press acquired the publication rights for TRIAGE X. The artist and author, Shouji Sato, you may know as the artist behind the New York Times best seller HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD. H.O.T.D. will be reaching the final volume in the U.S. this July, and the series is still on an undetermined hiatus in Japan. If you'd like a sneak peak into TRIAGE X, be sure to check out my First Date review HERE.

From the series listed that I know nothing about. The cover of BLOOD LAD really catches my eye. The idea of a dark comedy sounds very appealing. Even if vampires are seriously played out by now. Some potential can be felt in this. Is there anything else here that catches your eyes?

Source: Yen Press HERE

-Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- Follow for news updates: @ AnimeVicers/ @ FoxxFireArt

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