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Another Art in the Works

I thought I would post another detail process of how I designed and created a picture I drew. This is actually another scene form the anime Code Geass, but it's from near the end of the second season, Code Geass R2

The Idea

The scene this was based on is the moment in Episode 19. Lelouch thought Nunnally was dead, C.C.'s lost and it was his fault. Kallen had just been rescued and Ougi had asked her to bring Zero to one of the docks, but didn't tell her why. Despite his sorrow Lelouch apologized to Kallen for not coming to her rescue sooner. That was rather surprising, because I don't recall Lelouch ever apologizing to anyone before. In the wake up Nunnally's loss made it even more surprising.
 Code Geass R2 - Episode 19
 Code Geass R2 - Episode 19
Well, it seems that just as Kallen starts to tell Lelouch something about how she lost her brother. The Black Knights spring their trap. Schneizel had told the Black Knights about Lelouch and his Geass. His army had turned on him and were ready to kill him. Kallen stood with Lelouch in front of the mass of guns. Kallen whispered to Lelouch that she was willing to stay there with him. All she wanted to know was what he thought of her. Lelouch looks around and he sees no way out of this trap, but he's not willing to let her die with him. He removes his helmet and plays the villain. He lies to Kallen that she was just a pawn. This breaks Kallen's heart and she starts to walk away from Lelouch. As soon as she was out of the line of fire Lelouch whispered to Kallen what he thought were going to be his last words, "Kallen, kimi wo ikirou."  Basically, that translates to "Kallen. you must live on.". That moment when she realizes that Lelouch had tricked her to save her life. I found that rather moving.
The moment seemed rather touching and tragic. Lelouch could of easily of just died letting her think of him as a villain, but he seemed to want her to understand in some way.
I didn't want to go with the dramatic build up. To do before of after events. I wanted to capture that second after Lelouch told Kallen that she must live on. I began with my concept sketches. Both designs were rather stale and boring. I was far too focused on the original angle that was shot of the scene of Kallen walking away.

Concept Sketches -

Kallen's body language was rather stiff and boring. Lelouch looked 'alright', but I wanted to see more emotion out of this.

 Final Concept
 Final Concept
The sketches just didn't show any drama or tension to the moment. Having them so close together didn't make sense for the scene I was emulating for the picture. I eventually went an entirely different path.
I took the design to more dramatic angles. I brought a closeup of Kallen and put Lleouch in the distance. This felt far more true to what I was aiming for. I've found that putting an image at an angle gives a feeling of movement. I was able to keep the close up of Kallen so you coud see the sorrow and confusion in her eyes. Just close enough to see him and get a small hint of his emotions. 


Ink Work

 Ink Work
 Ink Work
The ink work for the final product.
I added in the costumes and the hair. Most of my original body work on Lleouch was covered by his cape, but it still looked pretty good. We can still see enough. I covered one half of Lelouch's face with hair. It felt like it was giving enough to  hide his emotions in that moment. It increased the confusion in those split seconds before Rolo appeared.
 I had a challenge with the coloring on this. Matching that spot light look was a bit tricky. I needed Lelouch to look illuminated and Kallen lit from behind. The background really worked in this picture. With a few special effects on Lleouch I think you can really feel that he's in the middle of a spotlight. I tried multiple shadows, but it felt far too busy.
The attentive may notice that I left out the light in Lelouch's eyes. I felt that it gave the impression of giving up. It seemed to remove the life in his eyes. The look of  a man ready to die. I pulled back on the tears for Kallen. They felt a bit too overboard.


I hope everyone enjoyed the look at the image and how it was made. 
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