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Another anime series Update

Umisho Vol. 1 (Jan 2006)
Umisho Vol. 1 (Jan 2006)

Many of you may have never even heard of the Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho series, abbreviated as Umisho. I was first exposed to it early on in it's life as an anime series. It's a lighthearted comedy series about a school swim team. Okiura Kaname has had a fear of swimming ever since a drowning incident as a child where he saw a mermaid. To try and overcome his fear. He joins the school's swim team as the manager. A new girl moves to town from Okinawa named Amuro Ninagawa. She is a strangely friendly girl who has an even more odd style of swimming that makes her incredibly fast. She joins the swim team soon after moving to town and really wants to help Kaname get over his fears.

This series originally began as a manga that was written by Mitsuru Hattori. I only recently noticed that the series had no profile for the manga series at all. So, I did my research and got volume images for all nine volumes. The series now has a full list of the volumes and the release dates. I also wrote the basic overview for the series on Anime Vice. It's a really adorable series that I would love to see be brought to the US.

Okami-san and her Seven Companions (light novel) JPN (Aug 2006)
Okami-san and her Seven Companions (light novel) JPN (Aug 2006)

I was also able to go through and create profiles for all the current issues of the Okami-san light novel series that was the original basis for the Okami-san anime. It was really difficult to translate some of those titles into English. Some of the stuff was pretty obscure. I still need to write an overview for that page. My only complaint is that image for the ninth volume of the series. That was literally the only image I could find for that volume. I hate how small it is. I hope to do the same thing soon for the GOSICK light novels and the Okami-san manga series.

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