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Two More Profiles Formatted!!

She's so happy she's nearly showing emotion.
She's so happy she's nearly showing emotion.
I've been making some pretty good progress in formatting some of the character pages on Anime Vice. I've written two blogs showing some of the larger projects. Over forty character profiles have been given pretty detailed formatting detail and I have no idea how many anime episode. As I was doing some browsing of some characters. I noticed two had some rather glaring omissions in that there was so little detail on their profiles. Samui from the Hidden Cloud Village had very little info, and what was more shocking, other than Samui's ability to fit in that top, is that Jiraiya's profile was entirely blank. A major character such as him with no profile info was just wrong.

Samui's profile was easy enough to fill out since so little information is known about her. She's not been in the series for long, but I do hope to see a lot more of her (No, that's not a pun). Samui would be what would best be described as a "cool beauty". As calm and mature as her name implies. Read her profile and you'll understand what I mean. Jiraiya's profile took a bit more time. Yeah, it could still use some work, but for the most part it's looking good. Especially when you consider that a couple days ago it was blank. Though, that made me suspicious how some users have earned 800 wiki points or more.

I have also added pretty much all the characters from the Hidden Cloud Village. You should check those characters out. They have some really good looking women.

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