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How can I say no to HER?
How can I say no to HER?
Yesterday, I went into high gear and formatted all the volumes of Highschool of the Dead (currently 7) and updated the entire cast to the volumes they appear in. Anime Vice is now as up to date as any website can be on that front. While I was at it, I created profiles for all named characters in the series, and I actually completed the profile for my series favorite, Saeko Busujima. I've checked out the character profile on many other fan based websites, and none of them have this level of detail. Even the big HOTD fan wikia is very vague and filled with speculation. The profile I put together still needs a bit more refinement and I need to check my grammar in a few places. This is as up to date to the series events to the latest chapters. The only thing holding the page back is it's positioning on Google. You search her name and all these other sites appear, but have nearly no real information on her. MyAnimeList is number two and that's only sourcing wikipedia. She's a very popular character in that series and it could mean some great traffic with the soon to be released HOTD DVD/Blu-ray release later this month.
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