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Only a day has passed since I announced that I have updated the BLEACH franchise page on Anime Vice. Still, I have yet another wiki update for the site. I had been meaning to work on this for some time, but I also got around to updating the One Piece franchise page, as well. If you were to drop by there. You could learn about the history of the series in manga, anime, and movies. You also might be surprised how many of the films for this series exist but only one has been brought to the U.S. I think I'm really tuning in on a good template for the franchise pages on Anime Vice. It strikes me as odd how the work I've done of the site has turned into a almost standard for so many other wiki editors.

While working on this blog post. I examined my image gallery and noticed that for the One Piece series I've uploaded over 3,100 images. My current wiki points total is at 614K.

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