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 This is only a small portion of the Marines that appeared
 This is only a small portion of the Marines that appeared
You know, for all the projects I've been announcing for anime arcs in the Naruto series. It's completely slipped my mind to promote the completion of some of the One Piece arcs I've been working on, which is numerous. Though in my defense. Just as this arc completed was the tragic Japanese earthquake. There were bigger matters to be concerned about. I have complete information on every profile from Sabaody Archipelago Arc all the way through to the latest arcs. That's over 100 episodes all filled out. It was only a few weeks ago that the Marineford Arc was completed. It's one of the largest arcs of the series that has an epic war between the Marines and the Whitebeard Pirates, with Luffy in the mix. This is the arc that changes the balance of the world powers.

Each week I filled out each episode profile for a little over 30 episodes. The Kazekage Rescue Arc in Naruto was just about as large. The biggest difference is the number of characters that appear in this arc. The cast is absolutely giant and each one has a profile. I made sure that everyone was credited and I put in the cast credits. There was a lot of fighting and intense action. It all got attention, the concepts are filled, the objects are all listed, and I added tons of screenshots. I did not use any pirated sources for these episodes. It was all through FUNimation's official website.

Check out my work:
Episode 457 - HERE
Episode 458 - HERE
Episode 459 - HERE
Episode 460 - HERE
Episode 461 - HERE
Episode 462 - HERE
Episode 463 - HERE
Episode 464 - HERE
Episode 465 - HERE
Episode 466 - HERE
Episode 467 - HERE
Episode 468 - HERE
Episode 469 - HERE
Episode 470 - HERE
Episode 471 - HERE
Episode 472 - HERE
Episode 473 - HERE
Episode 474 - HERE
Episode 475 - HERE
Episode 476 - HERE
Episode 477 - HERE
Episode 478 - HERE
Episode 479 - HERE
Episode 480 - HERE
Episode 481 - HERE
Episode 482 - HERE
Episode 483 - HERE
Episode 484 - HERE
Episode 485 - HERE
Episode 486 - HERE
Episode 487 - HERE
Episode 488 - HERE
Episode 489 - HERE
Episode 490 - HERE
The One Piece wikia site isn't going to give this this level of detail on the series. You can only find it on Anime Vice. You can also watch all these episodes for free on FUNimation's website and HULU. I keep saying this, but it keeps proving true. "I know way too damn much about anime.".

-Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- Follow for news updates: @ animevice / @ FoxxFireArt
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