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These are two more quizzes that I liked from the Detective Conan movies. I watched the third movie in fan subs today. I forgot how good that movie was.
As with the previous post along these lines. In each of the Detective Conan movies. There are quizzes that are posed as part of the story. They almost always reflect something involving the plot of the story. The two I'm going to share with you this time are rather difficult and require a certain sense of the Japanese language and culture.

Quiz 1

Detective Conan Crossroad in the Ancient Capital (Movie 7)

This quiz involves some knowledge of a rather impressive character from Japanese history. You might of heard of him. His name was Benkei. He actually has a rather interesting story. I highly suggest you look him up. Supposedly, the story goes that he fought off a pursuing army so his master Yoshitsune could flee. He fought for so hard and so long alone that by the time he was killed in the fight. He died standing up.
" Benkei had a first love name Uzune. When he heard that she was going to marry another man. Benkei....... "
  1. Became Angry
  2. Became Happy
  3. Cried


Quiz 2

Detective Conan Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure (Movie 11)

I like this one a lot, because it was one that I was able to work out myself when I first saw this while watching the movie.

" In the Fish Kingdom on the abandoned ocean floor, the evil deeds of the previous king was revealed, and the Sea Bream became the new king. Who was the previous king? "
  1. Squid
  2. Octopus
  3. Crab


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