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Aha! Now's our hear a bit more dub work.

The guys over on Giant Bomb recently posted a sneak peek of the English dub for the PERSONA 4 inspired fighter titled PERSONA 4 ARENA. My first impression is that this combat system seems to have a lot more depth than I was originally suspecting. While influence from the anime series is taken in the way of the protagonist's name, this combat leans more on the original game's use of character weapons, and it will include PERSONA 3 characters.

What strikes me the most in this trailer is that Teddie isn't being voiced by Dave Wittenberg, who voiced him in the PERSONA 4 game. I'm also not the only one who noticed that this Teddie sounds more like a high pitched Yuri Lowenthal, who voiced Yosuke Hanamura. This is just a sneak peak at the combat system. It's still highly possible that this wont be the final product for Teddie's voice. That would also explain the A-B-C-D button combination. Despite the fact that PERSONA 4 was a SONY Playstation 2 exclusive title, This game is coming out for arcades, PS3, and XBox 360 -- though, I doubt U.S. arcades are even near their focus. Rise Kujikawa, on the other hand, is still voiced by Laura Bailey for this trailer.

I'm normally not one for fighting games, but this is pretty exciting. Anyone looking forward to this title's August 2012 release?

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