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#ToonamisBackBitches should be trending sooner than anyone thought.

The Cartoon Network programing known as Adult Swim has always been known for it's rather outlandish April Fools jokes. One year, I remember they played the first episode of FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST and added a bunch of fart sound effects throughout the entire episode. They are always short gags that end quickly and are just as soon forgotten. Well, this April 1st it seems this time they struck a nerve with their own audience.

As part of the gag, Adult Swim returned the Toonami anime programming block for one evening. It even had a review for MASS EFFECT 3 in the mix. Ever since, Adult Swim and Cartoon Network have been inundated with messages from the fans to bring back Toonami. The hash tag #BringBackToonami has been trending on Twitter since and even made it into some of the rhythms laid down by the Otaku King Richie Branson in his "Bring Back Toonami Song".

Let it be known that on this day in history that the anime fans have been heard. Adult Swim posted this on Twitter earlier today,

@adultswim: Attention Toonami Faithful: We heard you. On 05.26.12 #ToonamisBackBitches

You asked for it, and they are delivering. It's over a week away, and we have no idea what the programming will be or the time. That's some pretty short notice for a change in the programming lineup. They are making an effort. You have to give them that. I just hope that all the people who have brought about this change are actually going to be there and staying tuned.

They are facing a lot of stiff challengers in the anime market. Back when Toonami first began, there weren't sites such as Crunchyroll, FUNimation Video, VIZ Anime, and HULU that hosts free and legal streaming anime fresh out of Japan. These distributors also hosts many series with very little edits. Toonami was pretty famous for only airing heavily edited version of popular animes such as OUTLAW STAR and the infamous 4KIDS' version of ONE PIECE. One thing that Toonami really excelled at was just in the number of people they were able to reach and interest in seeing more anime.

If they have some new and exciting programs lined up. I think they'll have my interest. If this will be late night, I'm putting some money down on PANTY & STOCKING being in the mix. Are there any programs you're hoping that they add to their lineup?

-Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- Follow for news updates: @ AnimeVicers/ @ FoxxFireArt

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