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Who are these replacements for the original Chie and Teddy, and could it effect the anime?


One of the reporters for the gaming website was able to speak to Aram Jabbari, a representatives of Atlus USA, about the PERSONA 4 ARENA fighting game that was shown at this year's E3 2012 convention. Mr. Jabbari not only confirmed that both Chie Satonaka and Teddy will be voiced by new actors in the English dub of the game, but that these voices will be carrying over into the coming PS Vita PERSONA 4: GOLDEN, which is expected to have up to 40% more voice work than the original. P4 GOLDEN will be released later this year.

Chie, now voiced by Erin Fitzgerald
Chie, now voiced by Erin Fitzgerald

Chie Satonaka was originally voiced by Tracey Rooney. Both her game and anime credits are limited past her role as Chie. The job of stepping into her lethal shoes is put to Erin Fitzgerald. She's had various roles in video games and anime, but usually smaller parts. In BLEACH, she's voiced the Arancar Mila Rose and Mizuho Asano, Keigo's sister. In the realm of video games, you may have heard her in CATHERINE as Trisha and Erica Anderson.

Teddy, now voiced by Sam Riegel
Teddy, now voiced by Sam Riegel

Teddy was originally voiced by Dave Wittenberg. Now, he's a voice that I'm sure many of you know if you are even generally involved in anime. He's been the voice in various series, and his most prominent role to date has been NARUTO's Kakashi Hatake. He is being replaced in the game by Sam Riegel. Anime fans will know him has the voice of GURREN LAGANN's beast-man Viral. He actually isn't new to PERSONA 4 and had an uncredited role as various students for the original PS2 game. He also has numerous credits in both ADR direction and script writing for anime.

It's still unknown how these new voice credits could effect the PERSONA 4 THE ANIMATION series. A couple months back, it was reported that Sentai Filmworks, the company that will be developing the English dub for the PERSONA 4 THE ANIMATION, had hired the entire returning cast, but many of the actors stated that they had no idea what Sentai was talking about. It doesn't seem like a far leap in logic that these same actors could be voicing the anime.

Be sure to check out this trailer from E3 to get a tiny sample of the voice work to come. And anyone interested in watching the entire anime (minus the True Ending episode) online for free should check out either The Anime Network - HERE or HULU - HERE. If you haven't already. I highly recommend you at least check out the first episode.

Persona 4 Arena Trailer - (English Cast)

Persona 4: Golden Trailer

Source: HERE

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