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I really love codes and puzzles. It's one of the aspects that really draws me to the Detective Conan series. I thought I would take some time to introduce some of you to some of the aspects that I enjoy about the series.
The fun thing about each one of the movies is that they always put in fun quizzes to try and figure out. Here I will showcase two of the quizzes. I will tell you the challenge and explain the answer in a spoiler panel to give you a chance to try and figure it out yourself.

Quiz 1

Detective Conan The 14th Target (Movie 2)

" Three men were born on different days formed a club together. They were born on New Years, April Fools, and Boys Day. What did they name their club? "
Hint: It's a flying animal like Pegasus.



Quiz 2

Detective Conan Last Wizard of the Century (Movie 3)

 " washi ni wa ooku no mago ga iru nansai ka? "
 " washi ni wa ooku no mago ga iru nansai ka? "
Translates to:
" I have a lot of grandchildren, how old are they? "
(Forgive me if my romaji is a bit off. I'm still learning.)


Hope you got some fun trying to figure them out. They can be pretty hard, but are a lot of fun to see how they all fit together in the end. Learning the riddles behind these quizzes really has helped me to try and improve my understanding of Japanese.
I may do this again with a few more.

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