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I can't say I'm really excited about many anime movies. I really loved the Detective Conan movies, but those will never be released properly in the US. There is no fun to watching them when the content has been changed and the riddles and quizzes they put into each film has been altered in their meaning. In case you don't know. In each of the movies Agasa, or someone else, poses a Quiz to the kids. It's normally a riddle or code of some kind that is a Japanese play on words.
Most of the One Piece movies are fun. I never watched the Alabasta movie, because that was just a complete retelling of a story arc, but was missing whole segments. The Chopper movie was more of a re-imagining of the events. Still felt pointless.

 One Piece Movie: Strong World
 One Piece Movie: Strong World
I recently have been examining FUNimation's video site. I'm a bit up in the air about it. I'm sort of mixed on how it's done. There are just several gaps in story arcs(missing Ep. 13-46 and Ep. 101-391) and the translations are kind of erratic. It might be nice though if they also started showing the moves on that site and we could get the chance to watch the Strong World movie with subtitles. I'm kind of excited to see that one since it is written by Oda.
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