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Anime Vice Now has a Completed Catalog on the Strike Witches anime!!

Throughout Anime Vice and it's profiles, I have often undertaken self imposed projects on filling out the wiki. I have covered the second season of Negima!?, Code Geass - season one, and the Knightmare Frames. I took on another project of finishing up the profiles information on the series Strike Witches. I already finished the episode profiles for the first season. It was back in August 2010 that I finished the Strike Witches Season One Project. Thanks to the streaming site Crunchyroll, I have nearly finished the episode profiles of the second season of this anime, Strike Witches 2. Just doing my part in the war effort in FUNimation's WAR on PANTS!!
If you go to check out the profiles. You will find the episodes all filled out, with the exception of the final episode. Not just the main cast, but all the listed characters that appeared. Included in the project was creating the profiles for object and locations. Be sure to check out the full profile made out on the Jet Striker. Though FUNimation has licensed Strike Witches 2 already, they have yet to announce their cast for the season. It's not likely they would recast from the first season. I would rather wait till they make the official announcement before I fill out that segment. The fan service in the anime can get pretty heavy, but I have to admit that they do tell a pretty good story with some nice acting work and production values to back it up. I personally find the Japanese work better, but the dub cast in the first season were pretty good.

I call this post "Nearly" Complete, because recently Crunchyroll's videos have been freaking out for me. All the videos I try either load incredibly slow or after I pause and restart the audio is gone. Normally, everything works fine on the site, and I doubt it's an issue on my end. I've been watching videos on youtube at 1080p with no the slightest problem. There is only one episode left, and didn't see the reason not to announce this project.
You can watch Season One on FUNimation HERE (Dub & Sub)
You can watch Season Two on Crunchyroll HERE (Sub, if the videos are working)

Here are a few random screen shots I made from the second season. Enjoy! 
Now, if there is something you ever wanted to learn about the Strike Witches anime. Anime Vice is the site to check out.

Follow FUNimation's War on Pants!!

Clip from Season One

-Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- Follow for news updates: @ animevice / @ FoxxFireArt
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