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The Strike Witches List

Anime Vice Now has a Completed Catalog on the Strike Witches Season 1

I was quite surprised a few days ago when I discovered on Crunchyroll that the second season of the Strike Witches anime had already been running for a few weeks. I filled out the profile for the first episode, and was a little surprised that so little was filled out on the first season. I decided that I would go back and fill out the information on the first season. It wasn't too hard, given that the series is only twelve episodes long. I know I said I was working on filling out the One Piece information, but I decided to take a small break from that series. It's nice to work on something smaller so I can get that feeling of completing something.
I originally watched the first season of the anime in fan subs year ago, but now the series is available on FUNimation's website. I hoped on there and watched the series once more and filled out all the profiles on Anime Vice. I also made profiles for many of the minor character roles. Just to polish things off. I included a minimum of twelve images to the profiles. I know I mostly add six images to the One Piece profiles, but this is such a short series. One Piece is into the 460+ episodes.
Strike Witches is a decent enough series. It's even more entertaining if you know some of the finer detailed of the era this series is based in. Someone really did some homework on WWII history. The Striker Units they wear to fly are designed after the different jet fighters from different countries. The alien invaders in the series, Neuroi, are designed after real and experimental air craft.
The animation and music is also well done. It's just too bad the fetish aspect is so heavy handed. It would of been such a stronger series if every woman for some odd reason never wear pants. It's doesn't make any rational sense. My personal favorite character in the series is Erica Hartmann,

Here are a few random screen shots I made from the first season. Enjoy!

Now, if there is something you ever wanted to learn about the Strike Witches anime. Anime Vice is the site to check out.

 -Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.-
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