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I Took On the Search for Tsunade and Survived!!

I've been a user who has undertaken rather crazy projects on Anime Vice for no particular reason. It started with filling out the episode information on the One Piece anime series page. Even now, I've nearly completed formatting all 490+ episodes. I could have it all done if I hadn't sworn off fan subs for this series and FUNimation hasn't reached the Thriller Bark story arc just yet. Other series I've worked on formatting episode pages has been both seasons of Strike Witches, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the second season of Negima!?, Okami-san, and the entire first season of Code Geass. Well, I've taken a break on One Piece once more on the Naruto series.

With formatting character profiles. I just notice that profiles with so much detail in the story arcs aren't very helpful to people new to anime or manga. Why do these character pages need to be so filled? We have actual profiles for all these episodes/volumes. I got to thinking that if the episode profiles were well filled out with all this detail, all we would need to do is write simple plot summaries and link readers to the actual episodes to learn more fine detail. Even I'm considering going through my infamously large Nami profile and condensing the story arcs.

Tsunade Project

It wasn't that hard for her to convince me to start with her arc.
It wasn't that hard for her to convince me to start with her arc.
I've always liked Tsunade and I decided one day to try getting the ball rolling on the first Naruto series by filling out the episode profiles on one story arc as an example for the next. I chose the Search for Tsunade arc that was listed in episodes 81-100. It was about 20 episodes in the entire arc and I filled out each and every page with the same level of detail that dedicated to One Piece, but more so in the summary of the episode events.

I filled out every character that appeared in the episode and their appropriate voice actor. I was rather shocked that for as long that Anime Vice has been around that I was the person who had to create the profile for Naruto's English voice actress. The actress that had been listed all this time was the wrong one. Someone marked Naruto's voice actress as the women who voices Naruto only when performing his Sexy Justu technique and changes into a naked woman. I also had to make Tsunade's English voice actress profile. This was only a month or so ago when I started this project. I did this along with the 35 character profiles I formatted.

Check out the my work
Episode 81 - HERE
Episode 82 - HERE 
Episode 83 - HERE 
Episode 84 - HERE 
Episode 85 - HERE 
Episode 86 - HERE
Episode 87 - HERE 
Episode 88 - HERE 
Episode 89 - HERE 
Episode 90 - HERE
Episode 91 - HERE
Episode 92 - HERE 
Episode 93 - HERE 
Episode 94 - HERE 
Episode 95 - HERE 
Episode 96 - HERE
Episode 97 - HERE 
Episode 98 - HERE 
Episode 99 - HERE 
Episode 100 - HERE 

Now, for all these characters that appeared in this arc only need a brief description of what happened on their character page. The reader can just be directed to the episode pages to get the finer points.

I would like to see this as one part of a much larger initiative to start getting other users to start filling out episode profiles on this and other series a few episodes at a time. Using this arc as a high quality standard.

Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- Follow for lesson updates: @ animevice / @ FoxxFireArt
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