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If people weren't happy with the Good End. The True End is coming with the release of the DVD/BD.


Not shown on The Anime Network's streaming
Not shown on The Anime Network's streaming

Only a few days have passed since Persona 4 The Animation has had its TV finale. Some were unhappy with the end or just confused. PERSONA 4 is a game that's known for its multiple endings and that was reflected in how the anime was aired. The show opted for the 'Good' but not the 'True' end. There was an image that was shown at the end of Persona 4 that announced more, but it did not appear in The Anime Network's official online streaming. Though mostly in English, the full text translates to:

" #25 "We Can Change the World" Director's Cut Version & True End Episode "No One is Alone" Recording "

The Japanese official Persona 4 The Animation website has a description about the this 26th episode. It translates to:

" The day before Yu moves. However, he was left with something to do. The fight with the real enemy that was not revealed now begins. "

P4A website teases True Ending Episode
P4A website teases True Ending Episode

Recent news out of ANN is that the 10th volume of Persona 4 The Animation will have not just the director's cut of the finale episode, but will also include the 'True Ending' "No One is Alone". This is scheduled for release in Japan on August 22nd. Though Sentai Filmworks, the company that has licensed Persona 4 to the U.S., hasn't made any official statement regarding this added episode. They have announced they plan on releasing the anime some time later this year on DVD and Blu-ray. I don't see them releasing the series before it's even done in Japan. The odds are very good that this extra episode will be added in their box set.

I've already heard some try and compare this to the rather controversial MASS EFFECT 3 closing, but that seems unfair. The major difference is that MASS EFFECT had you pay $60 USD for the game -- more so if you bought all three games --, and it will be releasing DLC later to 'explain' it's ending. Persona 4 was streamed completely for free online by The Anime Network. They could have easily made this show for it's members only. The story used the "Good End". All this is asking is that you buy the DVDs to get the "True End". I feel some perspective is needed. Remember that in Japan they are selling the BDs by the volume. At the cost of ¥ 7,980 ($96) each. By the time this is released in the U.S., Sentai will be packaging this in what will likely be a four disc box set that runs closer to $40 USD. That's on top of added English dub work. All we have to do is just wait a bit longer. Is that really asking too much?

Source: ANN HERE / Persona 4: The Animation Official Site HERE& HERE

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