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PERSONA 4 ARENA Advanced Tactics Tutorial Trailer

It's official. This game now scares the hell out of me!!

P4A out in August
P4A out in August

Back when I first saw the original tutorial trailer for the soon to be release PERSONA 4 ARENA fighting game. I was shocked at the level of depth in the systems they were creating for this game. Well, it was only recently that ATLUS USA released a trailer for the advanced tactics behind the game. In this tutorial trailer, Mitsuru Kirijo, one of the heroines from PERSONA 3, gives step by step instructions behind some of the tactics that could make you a P4A grand master.

Yes, please teach me, sensei!
Yes, please teach me, sensei!

In the trailer Mitsuru is voiced by Tara Platt, the original English voice actress from the PERSONA 3 game. Anime fans would recognize her as the voice of Temari from NARUTO.

I remember that the guys of Giant Bomb pretty much laughed this game off when it was first revealed as little more that gimmick, but this is looking pretty impressive. I already find fighting games intimidating. There are normally just so many systems to learn and combos to hit. If you don't master them or at least become proficient. You're often going to get slaughtered in online play. I was shocked when status ailments were added in the PERSONA 4 anime, but they are also mixing them into this game play.

PERSONA 4 ARENA is due out in the US for the PS3 and XBox 360 in August 7, 2012 (July 26 in Japan), and is currently available for preorder at

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