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The Straw Hats finally break into the New World, and Naruto makes nine powerful friends in this month's releases.

Today is the Japanese release date for two of the big Shonen Three volumes from Shueisha. Though, by this time it was yesterday for them. Ah, the thirteen hour time difference.

Included in the release is ONE PIECE Vol. 66, which contains Chapter 647-656. This concludes the Fish-Man Island Arc, the first arc of the post-time skip era; and begins the latest Punk Hazard Island Arc. It's been great having Smoker and Tashigi back in the story. NARUTO Vol. 60 was also released, which contains Chapter 566-575. This continues to Shinobi World Arc arc, but Naruto has made a groundbreaking change in his relationship with the Nine-Tailed Fox and learns his true name. BLEACH Vol. 55 won't be released in Japan until June 4, 2012.

With VIZ Media's initiative of increasing the publication of these two series, buying these translated in the U.S. shouldn't be that far off. With all the issues I have with some of their publishing and editting practices, I have to applaud them for this.

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