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Spoiler Warnings!!

The One Piece Strong World movie came out last December and the DVD was officially released on late August of 2010. While I am sticking to by vow of abandoning fansubs of One Piece since FUNimation has been handling the anime. I couldn't resist checking out some AMVs for the movie, and I thought I would share some of them with you all. After watching these. I soooo want FUNimation to release this on Blu-ray as soon as possible. I want to own this movie.

One last reminder. Don't watch these if you don't want the movie spoiled for you.
The thing I liked the most about this last one was the ass shot of Nami putting on those mini shorts. lol
In case you are wondering why there is a large "SAMPLE" on the top left corner of some of these. That's because in July a review copy of the DVD was given out for early reviews, and it was leaked online. 

Not a Strong World AMV

This one isn't an AMV based on Strong World. It's just a pretty cool one about Luffy in general I thought I would add.
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